Difference Between Process And Procedure




Difference Between Process And Procedure. In this article, you will read about what is a process, what is procedure, and what is the main difference between process and procedure. There are many terms in English that confuse most of us. Process and procedures are among them. They sound much the same but are different from each other.

Difference Between Process And Procedure:

The main difference between the process and the procedure is that the process is the series or set of actions and activities that are taken to perform any task or duty. On the other hand, procedure the way to do some task, action or duty. In simple words, the process is what work has to be done and the procedure is how that work has to be done.

Difference Between Process And Procedure - What is Process - What is Procedure

What is Process And How To Use It?

The process is what work is going to be done. Every process has three steps; that are input, process and output. It is the flow of activities or any work that is done in sequence. Every type of work gives you output when it is given the input. The process involves what work has to be done, a place where the work will take place and the time of its completion.

Take an example of the restaurant home delivery. The staff of the restaurant take the order from the customer. The staff then process the order. The chef is given the order to make burgers. When the chef completes the cooking, it is handed over to the delivery boy. The delivery boy delivered the food to a particular address.

What Is Procedure And How To Use It?

We know that process is the set of activities that need to be performed. However, the procedure is how these activities are done. It encapsulates why these activities are performed in a particular way. The procedure has one or more instructions. Procedure refers to how the action has to be done.

The procedure is needed for the effectual performance of any activity or process. It is presented by using images, flow charts or narration. The proper procedure is made to ensure the best quality of any process. Like in a restaurant, there are many procedures that are done. Like taking the order, making the burger, wrapping the burger, delivering the order and managing the payments.

Main Difference Between Process and Procedure:

-Process is a group of activities that has to be done. The procedure is how that activity will be done.

-In a process, there are many procedures.

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