Difference Between Protoplasm And Cytoplasm




Difference Between Protoplasm And Cytoplasm. In this article, you will read about what is cytoplasm, what is protoplasm, what is the main difference between Protoplasm And Cytoplasm, and a comparison between Protoplasm And Cytoplasm. The cell is the basic functional, structural and biological unit of the living body. It has all components that are essential and required for life. A cell is a complete organism itself. It consists of various parts like the nucleus, cytoplasm, protoplasm, cell membrane, nuclear membrane, lysosome, ribosomes, chromosomes, etc. But two parts that make the confusion are cytoplasm and protoplasm. Today, we will discuss the difference between them.

Difference Between Protoplasm And Cytoplasm:

The main difference between cytoplasm and protoplasm is that protoplasm contains everything in the cell, even the cytoplasm. While cytoplasm contains all the parts of the cell excluding the nucleus, while protoplasm contains the cytoplasm as well as the nucleus.

Protoplasm contains everything like organelles, ions, molecules, and the water portion of the cell. In protoplasm everything takes place. The protoplasm is the living portion because it includes the nucleus.

What Is Protoplasm?

Difference Between Protoplasm And Cytoplasm-what is protoplasm

A protoplasm consists of the cell. It is enriched by a membrane of the plasma cell. It can be of two types; jelly-like gel form or liquified sol shaped. Protoplasm consists of the compound of amino acids, water, ions, monosaccharides, such types of micro molecules, and proteins, polysaccharides, lipids, nucleic acids, such types of macro-molecules. It also consists of cytoplasm along with nucleoplasm. Other names for it are protoplasmal, metaplasm, rschleim, sarcode, idioplasm, kinoplasm, deutoplasm, paraplasm, primordialschlauch, bioplasm, urschleim, etc.

The word protoplasm is not used now. In modern biology, it is considered obsolete. This term was used in the 1800s. The term is generally called a cell and its not so similar synonym is cytoplasm.

What Is Cytoplasm?

Difference Between Protoplasm And Cytoplasm-what is cytoplasm

All the biological portion of the cell is enveloped by a plasma membrane. This portion excluding the nucleus is called the cytoplasm. This named was suggested by Rudolf Von Kolliker in 1863. The cytoplasm consists of cytosol, organelles, mitochondria, lysosomes, Golgi body, ribosomes, endoplasmic reticulum, etc. It is found and appears in various shapes like glass, sol-gel, and unconventional shapes. It is part of the protoplasm.

The only difference is that it does not include the nucleus in the eukaryotic cells. In prokaryotic cells, the cellular DNA is excluded. The term cytoplasm is relevant in modern biology.

Main Difference Protoplasm And Cytoplasm:

-Protoplasm includes the nucleus and cytoplasm does not.
-Cytoplasm maintains the shape and structure of the cell with the help of the cytoskeleton.
-Protoplasm is an obsolete term, while the cytoplasm is used in modern biology.

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