Difference Between RFID And Barcode




Difference Between RFID And Barcode. Here, you’ll get to know what is RFID, what is barcode, and what is the main difference between RFID and barcode, and a comparison between RFID vs barcode.

What Is The Main Difference Between RFID and Barcode:

The main difference between RFID and barcode is that:

-RFID is a special protocol that tells how a network uses radio signals to connect with a tag object. The RFID tags consist of an antenna and a memory chip. This memory chip stores the data.

-Barcode represents the data of any object. With the help of a barcode, we can get information about any product and item.

What Is RFID?

RFID stands for ‘Radio Frequency Identification. It is used to transfer the data. The main purpose of the RFID is to identify and track the tags that are attached to the objects automatically. The RFID tags consist of an antenna and a memory chip. This memory chip stores the data.

You need an RFID reader to see the data. The RFID reader can work from 10 cm to 100cm, depend on the rate of frequency. These RFID tags and readers work in various applications, technologies, and purposes.

The RFID tags can be used for many purposes like:

-Wireless mouse and keyboards.
-Retail products, so that a product price scan can be done easily.
-Under your pet’s skin, so that the owner can find him easily.
-RFID, highway toll tag in the car.
-RFID in passports.
-RFID in credit cards and ID cards.

What Is Barcode?

Barcode is a small image that comprises lines in the form of bars and spaces. This image is used to represent data and gives the information of any particular object in a visual machine-readable form. It also has numbers and symbols that represent the information related to that object. A barcode is printed on the backside of a product. A barcode is read with the help of a barcode optical scanner. It uses laser beams to read barcodes.

Difference Between RFID And Barcode - What is barcode

Comparison Between RFID Vs Barcode:

-RFID has a range of up to 40 feet.
-Barcode can be read only from few inches.

-RFID can read and write multiple tags at a time.
-Barcode can read only one tag at a time.

-RFID can identify each item tagged uniquely.
-Barcode can only identify the type of item, but not uniquely.

-RFID supports read and write operations.
-Barcode supports only read operations.

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