Difference Between Some And Some Of




Difference Between Some And Some Of is not a tough thing to understand. It is as easy as ABC. In simple words, ‘some of’ has the same meaning as ‘some’, but some of is used with a noun or a pronoun. If we are not using any noun or pronoun, we will use simple some.

Difference Between Some And Some Of:

The Word ‘Some’:

Some word is used with a single countable noun. It is referred to as a quantifier. It tells the quantity of something. There are other quantifiers like few, little, many, most, all, none, etc.

When we have a general talk, we use ‘some‘. The structure of the sentence with some will be quantifier + noun. For example:

1.Some students are good listeners.

2.Some animals can be loyal pets.

3.Some people don’t recycle.

We also uses the word some to express the less value of somebody or something.

-He is going to marry some primary teacher in Indonesia.

-I will not waste my time in going to some boring events of the college.

The word some is also used with the number to express that the number is valuable.

-We had bought some 20 cars for our new business.

The Word ‘Some Of’:

We use Some of when we are talking about a specific group of a noun or before a pronoun. We will use the word of with some after the quantifier. Two rules while using some of is that; it is used with the specific group and a determiner, like; the, his, her, my, etc.

1.Some of the people want a new government.

2.Some of my friends live in Canada.

3.Some of his family members are vegetarian.

Comparison Between Some And Some Of:

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As we have learned that some is used in general talking, and some of is used when we talk about a specific subject. Now, let’s do the comparison:

Example 1:

General: Some people like blueberries.
Specific: Some of the people in a family like blueberries.

Example 2:

General: Some makeup manufactures in China.
Specific: Some of my makeup is from China.

Example 3:

General: Some boys in the class are ill-mannered.
Specific: Some of the boys in this class are ill-mannered.

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