Difference Between SSL And TLS




Difference Between SSL And TLS. In this article, you will come to know about what is SSL, what is TLS, what is the main difference between SSL and TLS and a comparison between SSL and TLS.

Both SSL and TLS are cryptographic protocols. They verify the data transfer between systems, servers, applications, and users, we will first understand the main difference between SSL and TLS, then differentiate them in detail.

What Is The Main Difference Between SSL And TLS?

The main difference between SSL and TLS is that the:

-SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It was the first type of cryptographic protocol.

-TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. It is the upgraded version of SSL.

What Is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a protocol that is used to send information in a secure way between different networks. Many websites use SSL to provide maximum security to their users for making account pages and online checkouts. It keeps away the third party to access or transmitting the data.

SSL was developed by Netscape Communications. It is one of the most popular security mechanisms that allow web browsers and web servers to communicate and transmit data securely. SSL works between the transport layer and application layer. So, it can be considered as an additional layer in the TCP/IP protocol.

Now, we will discuss how the SSL works. The first step is that the data in the application software is passed to the SSL layer. Here, this protocol performs the encryption on the received data. In addition, it adds the information header to the data. This header is known as the SSL header. This data is then passed to the transport layer through the SSL layer. The transport layer transmits the data to the internal, and then the data is transmitted to its destination the physical layer. In the end, the encrypted data is decrypted to the application layer in the destination computer.

What Is TLS?

TSL stands for Transport Layer Security. It is the upgraded version of SSL. It ensures secure communication and is mostly used in web browsing, email, voice over IP (VoIP), etc. It uses symmetric cryptography to encrypt the data. Whereas, public-key cryptography is used to verify the communication. In addition, the messages are also verified through a message authentication code. TLS connection is more reliable.

Some more additional which TSL have are:

-Provides forward secrecy which avoids using past encryption keys to decrypt future TLS records.
-Provides methods for exchanging keys, encrypting data and authenticating message integrity.

There are two sub-protocols that TSL provides:

-TLS handshake: It allows for the selection of an encryption algorithm before sending the data. It also allows the client and server to authenticate each other.
-TLS record protocol: It makes the connection more secure and reliable.

Difference Between SSL And TLS - chart

Comparison Between SSL Vs TSL:

-SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer.
-TSL stands for Transport Layer Security.

-SSL is less secure than TSL.
-TSL is more secure than TSL.

-SSL was introduced in 1994.
-TSL was introduced in 1999.

-SSL is a less complex protocol.
-TSL is a more complex protocol.

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