Difference Between Starch And Glycogen




Difference Between Starch And Glycogen. In this article, you will read about what is starch, what is glycogen, the comparison between starch and glycogen, and what is the main difference between starch and glycogen. The human body produces energy in many forms. We get nutrients from food. Our body uses this food as energy. The leftovers are stored in the body. The stored leftovers are different in plants and animals. These leftovers are known as starch and glycogen.

Difference Between Starch And Glycogen:

The main difference between starch and glycogen is that Starch is the storage form of food found in plants, while glycogen is found in animals. There are also structural differences between starch and glycogen. Starch has a branched structure and glycogen has a linear structure.

What Is Starch:

Difference Between Starch And Glycogen - what is starch

All green plants have a chemical compound known as Starch. It is white in colour and tasteless. The starch powder is insoluble in water. It has identical glucose units. In science terms, starch is a polymer that is made up of glucose monomers or subunits. Starch is a polysaccharide that has various forms. Amylose is the simplest and Amylopectin is the branched form of starch.

As we know plants produce their food through photosynthesis. Starch is produced by plants during this process, which is their reserve food. It is stored in chloroplasts. It is stored in the form of granules and then broken by enzymes to be used by energy.

Starch act as fibre in the human body which aids in digestion. It is also made commercially by using wheat and potato and is used in baking or as a thickening agent. It used to increase paper strength during paper manufacturing.

What Is Glycogen:

Difference Between Starch And Glycogen - what is glycogen

Glycogen is found in animals and humans. It is also tasteless like starch. Glycogen can be found in the liver and muscle tissues of the animals. The excess glucose is converted into glycogen. In muscle tissue, glycogen can only be used by muscle cells.

When our body has glucose deficiency, this reserved glycogen is broken down by the glycogen enzyme and then converted into glucose. The amount of stored glycogen in the body on lifestyle and metabolic rate. Little glycogen can also be found in red blood cells, white blood cells and kidneys. Glycogen is also stored in the uterus which plays an important role in the nourishment of the baby.

Main Difference between Starch and Glycogen:

-Glycogen is present in animals, while starch is present in plants.
-Most of the starch has linear or simple branched structure. While glycogen has complex branched structure.
-Glycogen is formed by enzymesand bacteria. Starch is developed by plants during photosynthesis.

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