Difference Between Stimulation And Simulation




Difference Between Stimulation And Simulation. In this article, you will read about what is stimulation, what is simulation, and what is the main difference between stimulation and simulation. Although both words look and sound similar, but they are totally different from each other.

What Is The Main Difference Between Stimulation And Simulation?

The main difference between stimulation and simulation is that the:

-Stimulation means to arouse an organism.

-Simulation means an imitation of something.

Difference Between Stimulation And Simulation - chart

What Is Stimulation?

Stimulation means the arousing of any object, occurrence, or living being. It is a reaction of an organism that comes in response to the coming stimuli. Take an example of a teacher who made you interested and excited about a subject you hated. The teacher will give you the stimulation to get motivated and take an interest in that subject. The following example sentences will help you to have an idea of what the word stimulation is:

-A child needs stimulation to learn and study.
-The increase in the wage will stimulate workers to work hard.

What Is Simulation?

Simulation means an imitation of something or an action of pretending. There can be an imitation of a process, situation, or object. It represents the thing that is not real. For example, the simulations of the lives of people shown in the movie are shot in an artificial studio. Below are some sentences examples to have an idea of the word simulation:

-The students used a model to simulate the volcano eruption.
-If you have real-time simulation, the training can be more realistic.

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