Difference Between Then And Than




Difference Between Then And Than. In this article, you will read how to use then, how to use than, the main difference between then and than, and a comparison between then vs than. The English language has many confusing words. Especially, there are many words that sound and look alike. The word then and than has no exception.

Difference Between Then And Than

These words are confusing because they have only one single letter difference between them. The sound pretty closer; but I will tell you the difference between then and than, their uses in a sentence, and tricks to remember the difference between them.

How To Use Then?

Then can be used for different functions and purposes. It is commonly used as an adverb or adjective. Some examples of its uses are given below:

-Time: She was at work then.
-Next in the time or afterwards: We ate dinner and then went out for a movie.
-Addition or besides: The jacket is $100 and then there is a sales tax.
-In any case: If the weather gets bad, then her flight will get cancelled.

The use of then is mostly used to describe the time. It can tell us that the action is in time or at a later time.

How To Use Than?

Than is used as a conjunction. It is used for making comparisons. You can use than in comparing various elements, objects, people, and much more. Some of the examples of the usage of than are given below:

-John is taller than I am.
-He can run faster than Julie.
-Your pasta looks better than mine does.
-Pepsi is better than 7up.

In all the examples given above, you can see that the word than is used to do a comparison between two things. So the easy way to keep in the usage of than is that the no matter what you are comparing; whether its time, speed, money, or object always use than.

Difference Between Then And Than - how to use then - how to use than

Comparison Between Then Vs Then:

Here are some sentences that people get confused in using then and than. The sentences given below are using the word than and comparing these sentences with the other word then, which is actually a wrong sentence.

-More than less than. (correct)
-More then less then. (wrong)

-He has less than I have. (correct)
-He has less then I have. (wrong)

-I would rather eat than sleep. (correct)
-I would rather eat then sleep. (wrong)

A trick to remember the difference between then and than is that the word then is related to time. Both word then and time has letter ‘E’ in them. And than is related to comparison. The both word than and comparison has letter ‘A’ in it.

Main difference Between Then And Then:

-Then is used to express the time or what is coming next.
-Than is used to compare between different things.

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