Difference Between Type 1 Diabetes And Type 2 Diabetes




Difference Between Type 1 Diabetes And Type 2 Diabetes. In this article, you will read about what is type 1 diabetes, what is type 2 diabetes, what is the main difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes, and a comparison between type 1 diabetes vs type 2 diabetes. Diabetes is common nowadays. Many have also lost their lives due to this disease. There are two types of diabetes. We will differentiate between these two types of diabetes in this piece of information.

A person gets affected by this disease when there is a deficiency of the insulin in the body or the pancreas are not making enough insulin according to body need. Insulin is very essential and important for glucose metabolism. And if there is a lack of insulin, the body’s overall performance is highly affected.

What Is The Main Difference Between Type 1 Diabetes And Type 2 Diabetes?

The main difference between type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes is that the:

-Type 1 diabetes starts at an early stage of life. It has a genetic predisposition.

-Type 2 diabetes is acquired by the time. Your lifestyle is the cause of type 2 diabetes.

Difference Between Type 1 Diabetes And Type 2 Diabetes - chart

What Is Type 1 Diabetes?

Type 1 diabetes is an early stage of diabetes. It was also known as ‘Juvenile Onset Diabetes’. It is an auto-immune disease. In type 1 diabetes, the immune system starts to detect that pancreas are non-self and foreign. So, it attacks the pancreas. As a result, the pancreas got damaged. The insulin-making cells in the pancreas called beta cells failed to work properly. And they do not make insulin.

Type 1 diabetes is because of genetic predisposition. It means it comes from genes or you get it in inheritance. Type 1 diabetes also harms the other parts of the body. It causes diabetic retinopathy, as it damages the blood vessels in the eyes. This disease also damages the kidney and heart, leading to various types of diseases.

The only cure for type 1 diabetes is injecting insulin into blood vessels. The insulin is injected into the fat layer of the skin by insulin pens, insulin pumps, jet injectors, and syringes.

What Is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is not as genetic as like type 1 diabetes. It is less severe. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle can be the cause of this disease. It is 95% more common than type 1 diabetes.

In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas are not totally damaged, instead, they make less insulin according to the body need. There can be other problems, in which the body cells become resistant to the insulin and do not respond to it. Thus, they do not make insulin, because the receptors got damaged. There are many health problems type 2 diabetes can cause like; stroke or damage to the nerve of the eyes.

There is no cure for type 1 diabetes. But, type 2 diabetes can be controlled and can get rid of it. The only thing you have to watch is your lifestyle and weight. Manage your nutrition intake. Make a diet plan and do some exercise. A1C test is done throughout the journey to see how your lifestyle is affecting sugar levels.

Comparison Between Type 1 Diabetes Vs Type 2 Diabetes:

-Type 1 diabetes starts during childhood.
-Type 2 diabetes is acquired later in life.

-Type 1 diabetes is more severe.
-Type 2 diabetes is less severe.

-Type 1 diabetes is controlled by injecting insulin.
-Type 2 diabetes is controlled by changing the unhealthy lifestyle.

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