Difference Between Video Conference And Telepresence




Difference Between Video Conference And Telepresence. In this article, you will read about what is video conference, what is telepresence, what is the main difference between video Conference and telepresence, and a comparison between video Conference vs telepresence.

Difference Between Video Conference And Telepresence:

The main difference between the video conference and telepresence is that the video conference is an online meeting between two or more people that can be from various countries in which there is the transmission of video and audio data. While, telepresence means the technology in which a person feels to be present in a specific different location, but in reality, it is not present there. Telepresence uses the technology of virtual reality.

What Is Video Conference?

Difference Between Video Conference And Telepresence - What is video conference

A video conference is an exchange of audio and video at the same time between a various number of people. As many numbers of people of various countries can join the video conference at the same time. Video conferencing is done with the help of computer networks of different people living in separate geographical states. In simple words, videoconference is a meeting of people in which audio-video data is transmitted and other various features like the transmission of text and images.

To do video conferencing, we have to use any video conferencing software or video calling application. We need an online network, microphone, speakers and a video camera for video calling. Many online meetings, training and educational classes are done through video conferencing.

What Is Telepresence?

Difference Between Video Conference And Telepresence - What is telepresence

Tele means ‘distant’ and presence means ‘to be present on a spot’. It means to be present in your required location without being there. Telepresence is a technology called virtual reality and is more advanced than video conferencing. In this technology, a person feels to be present there, although he is in a different location. It is a sophisticated robotic remote control. With the help of this remote control, a person can get connected at a remote location. It can have video conferencing tools and other robotic installations for the conveyance of audio and video. Telepresence has the better audio quality and video quality than telepresence.

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