Difference Between Video Conference And Webinar




Difference Between Video Conference And Webinar. In this article, you will read about what is video conferencing, what is webinar, what is the main difference between video conferencing and webinar, and a comparison between video conferencing vs webinar. Both video conference and webinar are the exchange of each other videos, but in two different ways. We will do the comparison between video conferencing vs webinar.

Difference Between Video Conference And Webinar:

The main difference between the video conference and webinar is that the video conference is an online meeting between two or more people from various countries in which there is transmit of video and audio data. On the other hand, webinar transfers video lectures, presentations, seminars, or workshops using video conferencing software.

What Is Video conference?

A video conferencing is an exchange of audio and video at the same time between a various number of people. As many numbers of people of various countries can join the video conference at the same time. Video conferencing is done with the help of computer networks of different people living in separate geographical states. In simple words, videoconference is a meeting of people in which audio-video data is transmitted, along with other various features like the transmission of text and images.

To do video conferencing, we have to use any video conferencing software or video calling application. We need an online network, microphone, speakers and a video camera for video calling. Many online meetings, training and educational classes are done through video conferencing.

What Is Webinar?

Difference Between Video Conference And Webinar - what is webinar

The long-form of “webinar’ is a Web-Based Seminar. It is an online presentation, workshop, or seminar that is a transfer from the web by using any video calling software. By using webinar, the exchange of information and discussing it gets better. You can share media, documents and various files on webinar too. While the presenter is presenting the lectures or seminar, the attendees can share the files and documents with each other.

Main Difference Between Videoconference And Webinar:

-Videoconference is video calling or online video meeting.
-Webinar is the online exchange of presentation, workshop, or seminar.

-Video conference has two-way communication.
-Webinar has one-way communication.

-In a video conference, you can talk with each other.
-In a webinar, you cannot talk to the presenter directly.

-Video conference needs special equipment to maintain the connection.
-Webinar does not need any equipment to maintain the connection.

-Video conference has a lot of involvement with the audience.
-Webinar has not any special involvement with the audience.

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