Difference Between VoIP And SIP




Difference Between VoIP And SIP. In this article, you will read about what is VoIP, what is SIP, what is the main difference between VoIP and SIP, and a comparison between VoIP vs SIP.

Difference Between VoIP And SIP:

The main difference between VoIP and SIP is that VoIP is a voice over IP or Internet protocol that enables its users to speak to other people over the Internet instead of the public telephone network. On the other hand, SIP is known as the Session Initiation protocol that controls the multimedia communications like voice calls or video calls.

Difference Between VoIP And SIP- what is voip - what is sip

What Is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP. It is also known as Internet protocol and Internet telephony. You can talk with other users with the help of the internet instead of the wired telephone network. For this, we need a high-speed internet connection, internet telephone service, microphone, and a VoIP router. But nowadays, in the world of advanced technology mobiles and computers have wireless internet service. So there is no need for a VoIP router. A call to another user via internet is free, but at the same time, if you want to make a call to the telephone network by using the internet, it will cost some money.

What Is SIP?

The full form of SIP is Session Initiation Protocol. It is a communication protocol and is the most widely used protocol. SIP is used to control the multimedia sessions like voice calls and video calls. SIP is a very important protocol that enables VoIP. All the performed an only be handle by SIP, like establishing a connection, terminating that connection and all the other various elements. Different applications like instant messaging, media distribution, or video conference are worked only by SIP.

Main Difference Between VoIP And SIP:

-VoIP is the set of technologies in telecommunication.
-SIP is a single protocol that lies within the VoIP.

-VoIP can only send voice messages.
-SIP can send all types of messages.

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