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Difference Between VoIP And VoLTE. In this article, you will read what is VoIP, what is VoLTE, what is the main difference between VoIP and VoLTE, and a comparison between VoIP and VoLTE. They both allow the users to another over voice calls but use different networks to do so.

Difference Between VoIP And VoLTE:

The main difference between VoIP And VoLTE is that VoIP allows its users to talk to other people by using the internet connection. While VoLTE allows its users to talk to other users over an LTE connection.

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What Is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over IP. It is also known as Internet protocol and Internet telephony. You can talk with other users with the help of the internet instead of the wired telephone network. For this, we need a high-speed internet connection, internet telephone service, microphone, and a VoIP router. But nowadays, in the world of advanced technology mobiles and computers have wireless internet service. So there is no need for a VoIP router. A call to another user via the internet is free, but at the same time, if you want to make a call to the telephone network by using the internet, it will cost some money.

What Is VoLTE?

VoLTE means Voice over LTE. It allows the voice call over an LTE connection instead of any other common voice networks. For example, Verizon wireless use 1XRTT for all the voice calls. It relies on LTE for the data. That’s why Verizon can’t use data and voice at the same time. At the same time, AT&T and T-mobiles used a combination of LTE and HSPA+ for voice calls. They might drop the network to a 3G signal, is someone is talking on the line. VoLTE is a great thing as it makes the voice calls high in quality.

Main Difference Between VoIP And VoLTE:

-VoIP is a common method of telephone calls.
-VoLTE is an uncommon method of voice calls.

-VoIP can be used in desktop computers and laptop as well as on mobile devices.
-VoLTE is only compatible with mobile devices.

-VoIP is more reliable.
-VoLTE is less reliable as it relies on a decent connection.

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