Difference Between VPN And APN




Difference Between VPN And APN. In this article, you will get to know about what is VPN, what is APN, and what is the main difference between VPN and APN. These terms look totally alike but are entirely different. VPN and APN are interchangeably related to the internet. Let us discuss the difference between VPN and APN.

What Is The Main Difference Between VPN And APN:

The main difference between VPN and APN is that the VPN stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’. It allows you to access the other networks while hiding your IP address. By using a VPN websites cannot see your location. On the other hand, APN stands for “Access Point Names. It is a technology that gives your phone the information to connect to the computer network or public network.

What Is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN reroutes the internet traffic and hide the IP address. In VPN, the websites can’t see your location or original IP. VPN works on the operating system level. This means it reroutes all the coming traffic, whether it is from a browser or any background app.

Difference Between VPN And APN - What Is VPN

VPN encrypts the traffic between the internet and a device. It provides you with high online privacy and security. VPN protects you from website tracking, government surveillance and hacker that want to intercept your data or device. It protects you by your ISP and third parties. Other than privacy and protection, VPNs can be used for other purposes too.

What Is APN?

APN stands for ‘Access Point Names’. It is the technology that provides your mobile phone with the data to set up the internet connection to any computer network or public network. It acts as a gateway between a public network and a cellular mobile network like GSM, GPRS, 3G, or 4G.

Difference Between VPN And APN - What Is APN

APN helps in connecting to the secure gateway. APN consists of the set of rules, which the phone carrier needs to establish a wireless connection. It works automatically. Our phone usually programmed to run APN technology, so that we do not have to configure it by ourselves.

Comparison Between VPN Vs APN:

-VPN used to transfer the data in a secure way.
-APN establish an internet connection on your phone.

-VPN works with help of APN.
-APN provide an internet connection to the phone so that you can use the VPN on your phone.

-VPN is built to provide security and privacy.
-APN security is provided by the service provider.

-VPN gives you a full guarantee of security and privacy.
-APN does not provide you security and privacy.

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