Difference Between VPN And Proxy




Difference Between VPN And Proxy. In this article, you will read about what is VPN, what is a proxy, what is the main difference between VPN and proxy, and a comparison between VPN vs proxy. Both VPN and proxy are the servers that protect and hide our identity. They give access to Geo-restricted content. People got confused and speak them interchangeably. We will compare the difference between them.

Difference Between VPN And Proxy:

The main difference between VPN and proxy is that the VPN works at the operating system level and redirects all your traffic to a different route. While the proxy works at the application level and redirect the traffic of only a specific browser or app to the other rote.

Difference Between VPN And Proxy - Comparison

What Is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN reroutes the internet traffic and hide the IP address. In VPN, the websites can’t see your location or original IP. VPN works on the operating system level. This means it reroutes all the coming traffic, whether it is from a browser or any background app. VPN encrypts the traffic between the internet and a device. It provides you with high online privacy and security. VPN protects you from website tracking, government surveillance and hacker that want to intercept your data or device.

What Is Proxy?

Proxy works on the application level. It hides your original IP address and the website sees the IP of the proxy. It acts as a relay between the device and the website. Proxy only reroutes the traffic generated from the single app we have set with the proxy. The proxy also doesn’t encrypt the traffic.

Main Difference Between VPN And Proxy:

-VPN protects all the internet traffic.
-Proxy protects the traffic in a single browser and app.

-VPN provides encryption.
-Proxy doesn’t provide encryption.

-VPN works at the operating system level.
-Proxy works at the application level.

-VPN is a paid server.
-Proxy is a free server.

-VPN connection is more reliable.
-Proxy is less reliable because it gets drop oftenly.

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