Difference Between Zip Code And Postal Code




Difference Between Zip Code And Postal Code. In this article, you will read about, what is zip code, what is postal code, comparison between zip code and postal code, and what is the main difference between zip code and postal code.

We all know that when we send something to another place via post, we write postal code at the end of our postal address. These postal codes stand for geographic location, route or point. These codes can be simple numbers or the combination of numbers and letters. These codes are used by the postal companies in quick delivery and automated sorting of the package. It determines the cost of the postal package according to its location.

Difference Between Zip Code and Postal Code:

The main difference between zip code and postal code is that there some countries that use Zip code instead. Zip code is the same as the postal code. Countries like the United States and the Philippines use zip codes.

What Is Zip Code?

Zip Code is a code that is used in postal services to determine the specific location. The word zip stands for ‘Zone Improvement Plan’. It was introduced in 1963 by the United States Postal Services (USPS). Zip code is used to identify the location of the packages, parcels, or letters. With the help of the zip code, the sorting of the mails becomes easy. It can be delivered to its specific geographic regions quickly. Zipcode had formerly five-digit numbers, but it has been changed into 9 digit-number for the better identification of the location.

What is Postal Code?

Posting code is a coding system the help in sorting mails automatically. It consists of various numbers and alphabets, which helps postal departments in getting the exact location of the mails. It is used in various countries of the world. Postal code can of any country, region, district, street, etc.

Main Difference Between Zip Code And Postal Code:

– Zip code refers to a postal code, that helps in sorting the location of the parcel.

– Zip code established in 1963. Postal code was introduced in 1959.

– Postal codes are used in the whole world. While Zip code is used in the United States and the Philippines.

– The zip code consists of numbers only. On the other hand, the Postal code consists of numbers and alphabets.

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