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What is Alum Stone?

Health Benefits of Alum Stone Phitkari. Here, you’ll read uses of alum stone phitkari, benefits of alum stone phitkari, and how to use alum stone phitkari. Alum stone is a type of rock which is a potassium-rich mineral. Its chemical name is potassium aluminium sulphate. Alum is a colourless chemical compound and is a salt.

There are many health benefits of Alum Stone-Phitkari. It is widely used in medicine as it is a good astringent, hypoallergic, antiperspirant, and antiseptic. But, today it is also present in cosmetics. It is a natural product and has wide virtues. It has healing and firming nature. Alum stone has been used for ages. It is generally called alum, phitkari (phatkari-fitakari) in Urdu or Hindi, and Ming Fan Shi or Bai Fan in Chinese. Alum is originally from Europe. It is mainly found in Asia, Europe and South America. Its common names are Alaun, Alum and Alumen.

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Chemical Composition Of Alum Stone-Phitkari:

Alum stone is composed of double sulfate of aluminium and potassium. It has such a molecular structure that it gets absorbed through the skin that’s it is not harmful to the person skin. Potassium aluminium sulphate (phitkari) is a water-soluble crystal salt that can be used for many purposes. It should only be used externally.

Advantages Of Alum Stone:

Alum stone has wide magical advantages. You can review some of its benefits below:

– It is used in treating the lice of the hair and removes the hair wax.

– It is very suitable for combating headaches. Alum stone (phitkari) is also very useful in Epilepsy, Mania Psychosis, and Haemorrhages.

– It is useful in treating Eye Abscess and puffy eyes.

– Alum stone (phitkari) is valuable in arresting nasal bleeding and unclogging the nose.

– Potash alum is useful in curing Purulent Otorrhrea that may result in the discharge of pus from the ear.

– Alum stone (phitkari) is used to cure oral and gum ailments along with mouth ulcers.

– It is very useful in curing respiratory problems

– Alum stone (phitkari) is very useful in leprosy sores, scabies and eczema.

– It is also used for skin tightening and lifting.

– Alum stone (phitkari) is very helpful in curbing sweating and body odour.

– Alum stone (phitkari) is very helpful in piles swell anal veins.

– Else it is useful in curing urination afflictions, gonorrhoea, abdominal inflammation, vaginal discharge, and menopause.

Health Benefits of Alum Stone Phitkari:

Alum is utilized to filter impurities through water and make it clean. However, this isn’t the only use of the salt as it could be utilized for numerous beauty and health functions. Right from dealing with acne to helping you deal with muscle cramps. And the best part is, it really is readily available and not extremely expensive. Here are some common Health improvements of Alum.

1. Alum Stone for Canker Sores:

Generally, for canker sores, a tiny piece of alum is powdered and then a pinch of that alum powder is pressed within the canker sore. It stings for some time, yet by the next day, normally the person is relieved of canker sores. This particular homemade alum mouth rinse is a great method to use alum to remove mouth sores. To help make the rinse, powder alum in the mortar as well as pestle. Boil water in the pan together with a little salt, as soon as the salt has dissolved take away from the heat and mix in the alum powder. As soon as the alum has dissolved, strain and then use it as a mouth rinse a minimum of 2 to 3 times each day.

2. Alum Stone for Eye Abscess:

Alum is perfect for dealing with eye abscess. For the treatment of abscess, rub alum on the sandalwood stone together with little water. You need to rub it nicely to obtain a paste. This stone could be kept for years and also used.

3. Use as a mouthwash:

One of the key causes of foul breath is definitely the build-up of bacteria, which often create toxins and acids. Washing along with alum mouthwash prevents bacterial growth as well as washes off the bacteria.

4. Relieves muscle cramps:

Alum, whenever used in combination with turmeric, behaves as an ideal natural remedy to ease muscle cramps. The blood thinning qualities of alum, as well as antiseptic qualities of turmeric, is what works well for this manner.

5. Alum for Cracked Heels:

Alum powder is extremely beneficial in dealing with cracked heels. Just for this remedy alum is heated in a tiny empty pot. Whenever we heat alum, it liquifies as well as foams. Once all of the water evaporates, we’re left with a crumbly mixture. Once it cools down, it really is powdered and combined with coconut oil and applied on the legs. The mix needs to be ground smoothly, else it will likely be hard to apply it around the heels. This particular remedy provides incredibly good relief if utilized regularly for a while.

6. Bleeding cuts:

A few research has shown that this one even has the ability to deal with the bleeding cuts. You are able to spread the alum residue on such cuts to prevent an additional loss of blood.

7. Alum for Shaving:

Alum has been utilized just as one aftershave cure for centuries. Once you begin using alum, you will definitely get rid of all of the costly aftershaves.

8. Alum for athlete’s foot:

Alum powder is probably the home remedy to deal with athlete’s foot. Include 2-3 tbsp of alum powder in warm water and soak the feet in the water until the water remains hot or warm. Soak for at least 20 minutes.

9. Alum as a Deodorant:

Alum is used as a deodorant too because of its germ-killing as well as antibacterial qualities. To help make the deodorant, powder alum together with little Myrhh and then use it as a dusting powder, or you might just get an alum block wet and then use it.

10. Alum for Wrinkles:

The skin will lose flexibility by the time leading to fine lines and wrinkles. They ruin your appearance as well as show pre-ageing signs. Renowned agents surviving in alum block may help you in diminishing wrinkles.

11. Alum for Treating Pimples:

Acne is the most typical skin problem and it’s close to impossible to avoid them. There are numerous home available cures to deal with pimples and lower inflammation. Using its germ-killing as well as cooling qualities alum powder can be used as a face mask to eliminate pimples.

12. Alum for Lice Treatments:

Alum is used to eliminate hair lice. To help make the lice treatment, mix alum powder in water and tea tree oil. This mixer when applied to the scalp for a while, helps you to eliminate lice.

13. Prevents premature ageing:

Not many individuals realize that alum powder consists of anti-ageing qualities and therefore, helps prevent premature ageing and keeps the skin soft, radiant and delightful.

14. Alum Stone for Body Odour:

Once your body releases sweat, the food compounds in sweat attract bacteria that leave an uncomfortable smell right after feeding on these compounds. Use alum block on pre-washed arms on alternate days. Anti-bacterial as well as germ-killing qualities living in alum will combat and restrain bacterial infection.

15. Tightens the Vagina:

Outstanding qualities in the alum block can tighten up the vagina walls. But it’s unsafe to use for a very long time, as it might damage vaginal tissues as well as dry them.

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