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Health Benefits Of Cardamom Elaichi for health. In this article, you’ll read advantages of cardamom elaichi, types of cardamom elaichi, and elaichi benefits. Cardamom is a pleasant smelling spice with many health benefits. It is originated in India and Indonesia. Cardamom has many health benefits which include aids digestive system, prevent mouth ulcer, control cholesterol, improve blood circulation, cure oral problems, lower blood pressure etc. It is very famous for its medicinal properties.

It is scientifically called as Elettaria cardamomum. Cardamom tea is very beneficial for stomach pain, acidity, heartburn and gas. It is also useful for curing dental problems. You can find it all over the world. Cardamom used in many dishes for flavour. Cardamom is rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Nutritional Value Of Cardamom (Elaichi):-

-100 Grams Of Cardamom Contains,

-Protein 11 g
-Carbohydrate 68 g
-Dietary fibre 28 g
-Bad cholesterol 0 mg
-Total fat 6.7 mg
-Omega-3 fatty acids 120mg
-Omega-6 fatty acids 130mg
-Total Calories 311
-Vitamin c 21mg
-Vitamin B6 230 mcg
-Calcium 383 mg
-Iron 14mg
-Magnesium 229mg
-Phosphorus 178 mg
-Potassium 1.1 g
-Sodium 18 mg
-Zinc 7.5 mg
-Copper 383 mg
-Manganese 28 mg

Different Types Of Cardamom:-

There are two types of cardamom, green and black.

1-Green cardamom:

Green cardamom is also known as true cardamom. It is commonly used for flavouring purpose. It is used for both sweet and spicy dishes. Green cardamom is also used in tea and coffee. It is used in sweet and dairy products for its fragrance.

2-Black cardamon:

Black cardamom is the important ingredient of garam masala. It is used in savoury dishes. Black cardamom seeds are used for medical purpose.

Top Incredible Health Benefits Of Cardamom Elaichi:

Cardamom is very useful to cure many health problems. So if you want to get rid of health problems then add cardamom to your daily diet. In short, Cardamon is very beneficial for your overall health. Eat healthy to stay healthy. The health benefits of cardamom are below. Have a look at them.

1-Improve digestive system:

Cardamon is very helpful to cure digestive problems. So if you have a digestive problem then add cardamom to your daily diet. Its tea is very helpful for getting relief from constipation.


Cardamom has anti-depression properties which reduce stress and anxiety. Cardamom is rich in various vitamin and minerals that boost memory and improve brain functioning. So when you feel depressed then drink its tea.

3-Prevent cancer:

Cardamon prevents many types of cancers which include mouth ulcer, stomach cancer and etc. Cardamom has antioxidant and antibacterial properties that can prevent cancer. So if you want to stay healthy then add cardamom to your daily diet.

4-Oral problems:

Cardamom has antimicrobial properties which are very helpful to improve oral health. So if you have any oral problem then add cardamon in your daily lifestyle. Cardamon also treats bad breath problem and work as a breath freshener.

5-Improve blood circulation:

Cardamom help improves blood circulation in all the body. It improves blood circulation in the layers of the skin which enhance skin health. It can help to get rid of wrinkles. Add cardamom to your daily diet, if you want to stay healthy.

6-Prevent cholesterol:

Cardamom can help lower your cholesterol level. It has fibre and nutrients that can maintain your cholesterol level. So if you have bad cholesterol then add this spice to your daily life. Try it to believe it.

7-Upset stomach:

Cardamom is magical for getting rid of an upset stomach. It gives you instant relief from the gas problem. Drink cardamom tea if you have a gastric problem. The main cause of the gastric problem is an upset stomach.

8-Lower blood pressure:

Studies show that cardamom keeps your blood pressure maintenance. If you have high blood pressure, add cardamom to your daily diet and stay healthy.

9- Helps treat throat:

Cardamom can help to treat throat problem. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can be cured throat problem. It can prevent swelling around the throat area. Add cardamom to your diet, if you want this benefit.

10- Improve heart health:

Cardamom can keep your heart healthy. It has antioxidant properties that can improve heart health. Cardamom keeps your cholesterol level under control and enhances your heart health. You have to know that the main causes of a heart attack are cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Other Health Benefits Of Cardamom (Elaichi):-

Other health benefits of cardamom are below.
1- Boost immunity
2- Chest pain
3-Reduce burning sensation
4-Common cold
5-Skin diseases
6-Prevent diabetics
7- Aids in a chronic cough

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