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Health Benefits Of Figs-Anjeer. In this article, you’ll read types of figs anjeer, uses of figs anjeer, benefits of figs anjeer, daily intake of figs anjeer, & much more. Do you know how many figs (Anjeer) have benefits? If you don’t know then there is everything that you need to know about figs. It is known as the fruit of heaven. People eat it in the winter. Figs are a natural source to get protein, glucose, copper, potassium, manganese, and calcium. You can use it to cure many health problems. In this article, I will explain to you about the health benefits of figs-Anjeer (dry fruit). Figs are rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D.

Usually, it is available in the dry and fresh form. In each form, it has equal benefits. Dry fruits are the only fruits that you can avail in any season and any place. You can get fresh figs from June to September. Figs come in various colours such as white, purple, yellow, green, brown and black, their flavour depends on their colour. They are sweet and chewy. Figs reached to America and China in the 1500s. It is as good as eating an egg.

Figs are beneficial for the heart, cholesterol, constipation, diabetes, bone health, weight loss and much more. If you want to keep your health problems away then eat figs regularly.

Various Names Of Figs According To Countries:

-Anjeer (in Hindi and Urdu)
-Anjura (in Canada)
-Fig (in English)
-Atti Pazham (in Tamil and Malayalam)

Types Of Figs-Anjeer:

Figs are available in different types which are given below.

•Black mission:
You can find black mission fig in two colours which are purple and black from outside and pink from inside. These figs are very sweet and tasty. You can use them in different desserts.

They are green from inside and purple from outside. Kadota figs are least sweet from other types of figs.

Calimyrna :
They are green and yellow from outside and pink from inside. Calimyrna figs are larger from other figs. They have nut flavour.

•Brown turkey:
They are found in purple fresh. Brown turkey figs are less sweet from other types of figs. Usually, they are used in salad.

Adriatic figs have light green colour outside and pink inside. They also called as white figs. Because they have a light green colour. Adriatic figs are very sweet.

Health Benefits Of Figs-Anjeer & How To Eat Them According To Health Problem:

Figs are rich in many essential minerals, vitamins, calcium. They have many health benefits. Here, I will explain to you about different health benefits Of figs-anjeer and how to eat them according to the particular health problem.

1-Heart health:

Figs can reduce fat from the blood which blocks the valves of the heart. They are good for heart health. Eat two to three figs before breakfast for a healthy heart.

2- Constipation.

Figs can relieve constipation. They improve the digestive system as well. If you want to get rid to constipation then soak 2-3 figs in the water overnight. Eat these figs before breakfast. Do this every day for the good digestive system and relief from constipation.


Figs have soluble fibre that is good to reduce cholesterol level in the body. Dry figs have omega 3, and omega 6 fatty acids that are good to reduce bad cholesterol and give help to maintain natural cholesterol. Eat 2 figs every night for reducing bad cholesterol from the blood.


Figs leaves are beneficial for diabetic patients. Its leaves have some amazing benefits that can control sugar from the blood. You can use its leaves as a tea. You need to do, boil 4 to 5 leaves of fig. Then drink it as a tea. Another tip is ground figs leaves to make powder. Store it in the bottle. Put one tablespoon of powder in the boiling water. Then drink it. Drink one cup of figs leaf tea daily for getting rid of diabetes.

5-Bone health:

Figs have calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which can give aid in strong bones. Figs can control the beginning of Osteoporosis. you need to eat figs every day for stronger bones.

6- Weight loss:

Figs also give help to reduce weight. But their high calories can result in weight gain. Especially if you eat figs with milk. Few figs are enough to gain the recommended calories.

7- Breast Cancer:

The fibre in figs can give help to fight against breast cancer. If you don’t want to survive with cancer then eat figs on a daily basis. The hormonal balance in women can also affect the immune system. It can affect the ability of antioxidants to fight free radicals. Free radical are the first factors to the development of breast cancer.


Figs are good for hypertension. They are high in potassium and low in sodium that can defend against hypertension. Eat figs daily. Figs leave also has many properties which can be beneficial as dried figs. Make powder of fig leaves. Drink it as a tea.

9-Relieve Throat Pain:

Figs have high mucilage which can give help to relieve a sore throat. They relieve from throat pain. Because figs are smooth and juicy. Eat 2-3 figs daily to get rid of throat pain.

10-Figs for Acne:

Figs can help to cure pimples. You need to do, mash some figs. Apply mashed figs all over the face. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash it. Do this procedure daily for clear skin. Figs can also clear dark spots and scar. Apply figs with milk. Leave it for 30 minutes then wash it.

11- Sexual Health:

Figs can cure sexual health problems. Figs have many essential minerals, fibre, and vitamins which can protect us from sexual health problems. Soak 2-3 figs in milk overnight. Eat it in the morning. Do this procedure daily for a good result.


Figs can control age-related vision loss. They have vitamin A and fibre which can improve eye vision. Eat 2-3 figs daily to improve your eye vision.

13-Cure iron-deficiency:

Figs are rich in iron which can cure the iron deficiency in our body. Eat 2-3 figs daily to cure iron deficiency. Don’t eat too many figs. It has sugar in a high amount which can cause tooth problem. So eat it in the limit.

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