Hidden Causes Of Dark Circles




Hidden Causes Of Dark Circles. What causes dark circles under eyes? The possible answer for this is that you have a lack of sleep. It can be the least reason causing dark circles under your eyes. You could be right. But, there is a lot more to know behind it. In this article, we are going to discuss the hidden causes of dark circles.

Dark circles specifically called periorbital hyperchromia in the medical sciences. They can hamper the brightness of the face and form a dark brown shade under your eyes. You will come to know the causes of dark circles around the eyes that you are not aware of.

What Are The Hidden Causes Of Dark Circles?

– Ageing

– Nutritional deficiency

– Genetics

– Unhealthy Habits

– Stress

– Hormonal Changes

– Sleep deprivation

– Allergies

– Dehydration

– Anaemia

Various Causes Of Dark Circles:

1. Ageing:

Your skin becomes thinner as you get old. The skin under the eye is very sensitive and thin. The thinning process proceeds further as age increases. Due to this, the blood vessels under the skin begins to show up that causes the darkness of that area and lead to dark circles. Baggy eyes also develop as you get older, which cast a shadow under the eye and dark circles develops.

2. Nutritional Deficiency:

When you have the deficiency of vitamin B12 and iron in your body, you will surely develop the dark circles. It can lead to the inadequate supply of oxygen to the tissues and a bluish tinge develops under the eye. Deficiency of vitamin K can also be the cause of this problem as it leads to poor blood circulation in the body.

3. Genetics:

It is the most common cause of dark circles. Inherited dark circles are bluish and show under the delicate area under your eye. The bluish colour that shows up is the colours of your veins reflecting the light. Asia and African people suffer from it forming melanin pigment under the eyes.

4. Unhealthy Habits:

If you consume alcohol, it will make your blood vessels dilate. This will cause dark circles under the eye, which will be fine prominent. Smoking or any other intake of the drug will lead to the formation of dark circles as it will disrupt your sleeping patterns and form the eye bags under the eyes.

5. Stress:

If you are taking the stress, don’t do this to you. There are many health problems that initially starts because of stress and depression. You cannot sleep well if you are taking the stress. Not only this, but it will also disrupt your hormonal balance and make your skin pale. The eyes will sink deep due to the stress and the blood vessels under the eye will become prominent, resulting in dark circles.

6. Hormonal Changes:

There are various types of hormonal changes in the body, that can be the cause of dark circles. Thyroid problem might disrupt your body functioning, that can lead to anaemia and less nutrient absorption. It can also build-up the toxins which can lead to dark circles. High estrogen level can also cause dark circles and bruises under eyes. That all is because of fluctuation in haemoglobin levels. Menopause and premenstrual syndrome causes skin pigmentation as they absorb more fluids from the body.

7. Sleep deprivation:

Inappropriate sleeping routine causes the abnormal blood circulation in your body and face, that can dilate your blood vessels and can be one of the hidden cause of dark circles. Tiredness can lead to the formation of eye bags, eventually, cause the dark circles to appear.

8. Allergies:

Many types of allergies dilate the blood vessels around the eyes, making them more prominent. Like nasal congestion releases the histamines, which causes dark circles. If you rub your eyes, the blood vessels around your eyes might break and swell up, causing this condition.

9. Dehydration:

Dehydration can cause many serious problems in our body. It can inactive the toxins and fluids in the body. Due to the absorption of the fluids, baggy eyes are formed that leads to dark circles. If there is a deprivation of adequate water in the body, it will cause the cells in your body to shrink up, which is another cause of dark circles.

10. Anaemia:

Anaemia can cause improper regulation of blood in the body. It makes the haemoglobin to break down quickly, that leads to the formation of dark circles.

Several Other Factors That Cause Dark Circles: –

– Scratching eyes: – It can break and swell up your blood vessels, forming the dark circles.

– Sleeping on the stomach: – This is not the right position to sleep as it can strain your eyes, leading to this condition.

– Medicines: – Several medications and drugs can cause blood vessels under the eyes to dilate.

– Liver Disease: – It can rupture the normal functioning of the body by blocking the removal of toxins and lead to dark circles.

– Excessive Use Of Salt And Caffeine: – Salt absorbs body fluids and on the other hand caffeine cause dehydration. It can cause swelling and puffy eyes.

– Weeping: – When you weep, the blood vessels under the eyes rupture, due to the swelling, puffiness and rubbing of the eyes. The dark circles appear because of this.

– Sun Exposure: – It makes the skin under the eye to darken up easily, as it is thin and can be damaged easily.

Home Remedies For Dark Circles:

So, you have gone through the several hidden causes of dark circles. And, now, it will be easy for you to detect the factor that is causing dark circles under your eyes. Do treat it with care and interest to get rid of dark circles. As you have heard, Prevention Is Better Than Cure.

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