How To Avoid Allergy And Acne After Wax




How To Avoid Allergy And Acne After Wax. Waxing is a common way to get rid of unwanted hairs from the face and various parts of the body. It employs the use of warm wax, cloth strips, or pre-waxed strips to remove both coarse and fine hair for a smooth finish. Waxing is a cheap hair removal method than other hair removal methods. Allergy and acne breakouts are common after waxing, this leads to send some women in search of another way to remove hair. Breakouts occur because of bacteria, inflammation, and irritation. But, various steps can be taken to prevent them both before and after waxing. Today, we will get into detail about how to avoid allergy and acne after wax.

How To Avoid Allergy And Acne After Wax:-

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– Exfoliate your skin :

Before waxing, exfoliate your skin. This will remove all the dead skin and any layer of bacteria on your skin, which may otherwise be forced into your pores with the application of wax. Make exfoliating mask yourself by mixing enough sugar and water to form a paste and massage onto your skin.

– Wash your skin :

It is very necessary to wash your skin after waxing. Don’t use harsh scrubs. Instead of them, use any milk cleanser or face wash.

– Cover up your skin :

The waxed skin should be covered up with any cotton cloth to avoid dirt expose to your skin.

– Moisturize :

To lower the swelling of the skin after a wax, use any moisturizing lotion or cream.

– Avoid waxing during periods :

You should avoid waxing when you are on your period. Because, in the period days your skin is more sensitive than regular, thus results in allergy and acne.

– Medicine usage :

If you’re taking any type of medicine on a regular basis, you must avoid waxing. Or, consult your professional doctor before doing the waxing. As there are some medicines that can react to wax. As a result, there will allergy and breakouts in the heavy amount on your skin.

⇒ Do’s after waxing !

1. Clean skin, with witch hazel. It’s soothing and antiseptic.

2. Use ice cubes on the skin directly after the waxing. This will help to lower the redness and discomfort of the skin.

3. If you don,t have witch hazel. Use aloe Vera gel or lotion. Apply it to your skin. It is a natural and best moisturizer of the skin. You can extract the aloe Vera gel from the leaves. Apply it as many times as you can daily. It will also remove the acne scars from the skin.

4. Use aloe Vera to clean up the residual wax. It will also help in moisturizing.

5. Avoid makeup for some days.

⇒ Don’t after waxing !

1. Keep your hands away from the waxed area to avoid baCteria.

2. Avoid any public water areas such as hot tubs, saunas, pools, and spas. It will make your skin sensitive. And, make your breakouts and allergy worse.

3. Don’t exercise too much. It will cause heavy perspiring.

4. Avoid tight clothing. Let your skin breath. But, do cover them lightly, if there is any exposure to the bacterial environment.

5. Don’t get waxed just before menses when the skin is more vascular.

6. Don’t drink alcohol or other caffeinated drinks before waxing. Else, it will make the skin more sensitive.

7. Do not squeeze your pimples. This will result in more pimples.

8. Do not use any type of scrub or exfoliation mask within the 24 hours after waxing.

-: Tips For How To Avoid Allergy And Acne After Wax And For Successful Waxing :-

1.Moisturize the days before you wax and before you wax.

2. Carefully follow the wax instructions. Check temperature against your wrist, and ensure that the wax has the consistency of honey. If you are using wax strips, warm them between your hands. Make sure you are in a comfortable position when you begin waxing.

3. Always wax in the direction that the hair naturally grows. This way you are making sure the wax will bond with the hair securely. After applying the wax, press the cloth over firmly, waiting a few seconds, then pulling off the strip parallel to the skin, not up. Hold your skin taut with the other hand to avoid too much pulling of the skin. The ideal length for waxing hair is about ¼ to ¾ off an inch so you may need to trim it if it’s longer than that.

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