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Laptop motherboard is the main system circuit board that is responsible for containing many electrical components necessary to operate a laptop. You can say that it is the heart of a laptop. A motherboard contains many subsystems which include a central processor, memory controller, and other important components. Here, you’ll learn all about Laptop Motherboard. You’ll also get to know the best laptop motherboards for sale online & the best websites for laptop motherboards.

A motherboard gives connecting points to its components through which they communicate with each other. This board is like a mother of all the components which are attached to it. The components which are attached to the motherboard are interface cards peripherals, sounds, network cards, hard devices, video cards.

All About Laptop Motherboard:

All About Laptop motherboards
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If you want to learn about the parts and functions of the laptop than the understanding of the components and functions of the motherboard is very important. This article will teach you about all the parts and types of motherboards.

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Various Types Of Motherboards:

Here, we are discussing the various types of laptop motherboard, and how they are different from each other. The types which we are going to discuss are from different decades and years. Have a look.

1- AT motherboard:

This motherboard was produced in the mid-’80s. AT motherboard has dimensions of the order of hundred millimeters and big enough to be unable to fit in mini desktops. An AT motherboard’s dimensions make it difficult to get install the new drivers.

2- ATX motherboard:

It was the advanced technology than AT motherboard and popularly known as the ATX. This motherboard was produced by the INTEL in the mid-’90s. It is an improvement from the previous motherboard such as AT. The dimensions of this motherboard are smaller than another motherboard like AT motherboard and new drivers can be easily get installed.

3- LPX motherboard:

This motherboard was low profile extension motherboards and created in the ’90s. The major difference between this and previous motherboards was that the input and output ports of these boards were present on the backside of the system.

4- BTX motherboard:

BTX used for Balanced Technology extension and developed to reduce the issues that happen while using the latest technologies. Because new technologies demand more power and release more heat when they are implemented on the motherboard. ATX and BTX both are products by Intel and further products of BTX were cancelled in September 2006 by Intel. Because they decide to focus again on low power CPU after receiving complaints like heat up and thermal with Pentium 4.

5- PICO BTX motherboard:

PICO BTX is a motherboard form factor that products to manufacture even smaller size BTX standard. Pico BTX motherboards share a common top half with the other sizes in the BTX line and are designed for half-height or riser card applications.

6- MINI ITX motherboard:

This motherboard is a 17 × 17 cm (6.7 × 6.7) low-power motherboard and was designed by VIA Technologies in the year 2001. Mini ITX motherboard can be easily cooled because of its low power consumption. They are used in small form factor computers.

What Is UEFI Bios?

All the previous bios will soon end. Because Intel has announced plans to completely replace it with UEFI in 2020. Many of us don’t know what is bios, UEFI, and how they are different from each other.

What Is Bios?

Bios is low-level software that finds in an EEPROM chip of a laptop motherboard. Bios boots when you start your computer and it is responsible for starting all the components of a computer and ensures that all are functioning properly.

As I said previously that bios will replace with UEFI. Because it has a shot input and output system and it is not compatible with modern technology. When you save or installed some settings, it got saved in the motherboard itself and shows on the screen when you start your pc. Bios has introduced a long time ago, but it gets evolved and improved over the period of time. Some extensions of bios were developed such as ACPI. It is an advanced configuration and power interface. This allows bios to manage devices and perform advanced functions.

What Is Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI)?

It will install on the motherboard at the time of manufacturing and runs when you start your computer, look for what the components hardware has, wake up them to hand over to another operating system. This software is everything for the motherboard and your computer will not run without this software. Both are low-level software and starts when you boot your pc before starting the operating system. But UEFI is different and modern from bios. Because it has a support system for large drivers, more security features, faster boot time, mouse cursors and convenient graphics.

Difference Between Intel Laptop Motherboard And AMD Laptop Motherboard:

Many of us don’t know about the difference between Intel and AMD laptop motherboard, but here, I will explain. The difference between Intel and AMD laptop motherboard is that they only accept the same company processors. For example, if you have an Intel motherboard, it would only accept the intel processor. While, if you have an AMD motherboard, it would only accept the AMD processor.

These two companies focus on different features and abilities. Because Intel and AMD are always in competition to come up with the latest technology. This kind of competition of that processors ensures that they would not be compatible with each other in future. There are not only motherboards and processors which would not compatible with each other, but also socket type. A motherboard with LGA 1156 and LGA 1366 sockets have to use an Intel motherboard while motherboard am2 and am3 sockets have to use AMD motherboards.

Various companies which produce laptop motherboards:

Here is the list of companies that produce laptop motherboards. If you are looking to buy a motherboard, here are the name of different top companies which produce motherboards. Have a look.
1-Asus 2-Intel 3-Msi 4-Acer 5-Dell 6-hp 7-Sony 8-Asrock Biostar 9-Sapphire 10- Zotac 11-Lanner inc 12-Trenton tech 13-Magic pro.

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