List Of Foods Not To Put In The Fridge




List Of Foods Not To Put In The Fridge. In this article, you’ll read foods you should not refrigerate and avoid to put them in the fridge for better health. As fridge keeps your food fresh and healthy. Make it to use it for some long time. But here are some foods that if you put them in the fridge. Putting these foods in the fridge will not cause any harm to you, but it can certainly cause a nuisance for your palate as textures and tastes become ruined. To avoid this and removing the taste of your food don’t forget to put these foods in the refrigerator.

: List Of Foods Not To Put In The Fridge:


It is not termed as a food but it is an essential other foods ingredient. Putting oils in the fridge tends to turn them lumpy and stodgy, almost like butter. It can change its appearance and taste if put in the fridge. Some oils like olive oil and coconut oil become more solid in cooler temperature and take a long time to come back to its original state. If you ever had put the oil in the fridge by mistake put it in a microwave oven for a little to gain its consistency back.

Fresh herbs:

If you want to store the fresh herbs in the refrigerator, don’t forget to wrap them in any shopping bag or airtight container. Fresh herbs tend to absorb smells of the surroundings, which not only changes their taste but also make them unfresh. They lost their original flavour when put in the fridge. It is wise to keep the outside away from the items of strong odours.


Whether in its ground or bean form, you should not put the coffee jar within the realms of your fridge. The problem to coffee is that it absorbs the smell from the nearby surroundings as like natural herbs. Coffee will begin to sponge in any smell that is in your fridge and the whole batch will never go back to its original Arabica flavour. Also, the moisture of the fridge de-saturate the flavour out of the coffee bean.


Bread is the in the list of foods not to put in the fridge. It becomes incredibly tough and very chewy in the cold temperature. In cool temperature, it becomes stale more quickly than when it stored outside the fridge. The bread should only be stored in the fridge when it is in sandwich form.


The biggest problem when tomatoes are stored in the fridge that its texture begins to change and makes the tomato mealy. Have you ever experienced the taste of the tomato mushy in the salads, it is all because of the ice crystals in it due to stored in the cool temperature.


A lot of the times when you buy an avocado from the store, it’ll be solid, almost stone-hard; therefore, it’ll need a considerable amount of time to ripen properly and taste great! Avocado will just completely stop ripening when putting in the fridge. Like the banana, it practically freezes in time.


Onions become very mushy or mouldy when stored in the fridge for a long time, as like in the case of tomatoes. Not only this, when the onion is cut it smell spreads in the whole fridge and all things also smell like onion. Cut onion also begins to dry up when stored in cool temperature.


It’s advised to store melon in the fridge when it’s been cut open. However, you should leave the fruit outside the fridge, if you had not opened it. Researches have shown that keeping melon out in room temperature will help in keeping the antioxidant levels of melon intact.


Potatoes, when stored in the cooler temperature, begins to break down its starch. Therefore, refrigerating a potato will give you a sweet and gritty taste.


Garlic changes its texture and taste totally when stored in the fridge. It will grow mould and go rubbery soft in cool temperature. It will smell really awful that entirely unable to fry up with your prawns and other recipes.


The cold temperature of the fridge slows down the ripening process of the banana. If you place the green banana in the fridge, it will stay pretty much green for a long time. And, if you put a ripe banana in the fridge, its skin will turn black or dark brown but the fruit inside it will remain perfect.


Honey should not be stored in the fridge because it speeds up the crystallization process of the sugar in it, which almost make it into a dough-like form. Making it very hard to scoop out. Honey is a naturally preserved food that should not be stored in the refrigerator.

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