Look Gorgeous With Simple Makeup Hacks




Look Gorgeous With Simple Makeup Hacks. In this article, you will come up with some pretty simple makeup hacks that will make you look gorgeous. You can look gorgeous with simple makeup hacks given in this article. Now, there is no need to spend a heavy amount of money to get expert makeup from expensive beauty parlours. By acquiring these tips you can make yourself look gorgeous at home and by yourself.

Look Gorgeous With Simple Makeup Hacks:

Here is given some various of makeup hacks to make makeup easier and more sophisticated for you.

1.Correct way to fill in eyebrows:-

Many girls fill their eyebrows wrong, which gives a bad effect on their faces. Always use a pencil or powder colour which matches with eyebrow colour. Do use an angle brush and spoolie brush to give your eyebrows a shape. The Sephora Arch It brow kit is the best kit for making shapes of your eyebrows.

Look Gorgeous With Simple Makeup Hacks - eyebrows

2.Correct way to apply foundation:-

Always apply the foundation in a downward direction, not in an upward direction. If you apply concealer or foundation in an upward direction or in a swirling motion your hair may seem noticeable because most of the hairs on the face grow in a downward direction so you have to apply the foundation in upward strokes rather than in downward strokes.

3.Use the correct type of brush:-

There are different brushes for eye makeup, lipsticks, foundation, eyebrows, concealer and blush. The image given below will give you the idea of using different brushes.

Look Gorgeous With Simple Makeup Hacks - makeup brush

4.Apply some concealer around your lips:-

You should apply some concealer around your lips to give them sharper look if you are wearing lipstick or lip gloss.

5.Contour your nose:-

For nose contouring, you have to be much expert in doing this, as it is much trickier and requires much practice for it. You can look gorgeous with simple makeup hacks of nose contouring Here are some tips for contouring various nose shapes.

Flat nose:Apply a highlighter at the centre of the nose and avoid the sides. Then smudge it with a smudging bush.

Broad nose:Slim your broad nose with one shade darker than your skin tone. Take a firm and soft brush to sweep along the sides of the nose. Starting from the inner side of the eyebrows down to the end of the nostrils. Apply a lighter shade of foundation on the bridges of the nose. Blend all the contouring with a smudging brush.

Narrow nose:Apply the concealer that is one shade darker from your skin tone down the centre of your nose. Apply lighter concealer on the sides of your nose.

Long nose:Apply a foundation or concealer that is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone onto the tip, between and around the nostrils.

Look Gorgeous With Simple Makeup Hacks - contour

6.Mascara as Eyeliner:-

If your eyeliner is lost somewhere or is finished no need to worry. Use your mascara as your eyeliner with an eyeliner brush.

7.Quick easy contouring:-

Here is quick and easy contouring for lazy ladies in just 1-2 & 3. Apply bronzer, highlighter and blush. Your easy and simple contouring is ready.

Look Gorgeous With Simple Makeup Hacks - quick easy contouring

8.Never use foundation on your eye:-

You should never use any concealer and foundation on your eyelid as a base. It will crease your eye makeup.

9.Apply mascara with a spoon:-

Always use a spoon for the application of your mascara. It not only gives you a thicker mascara layer,r but also gives a fine look without getting your skin the patches of mascara.

10.Taped eyeliner and eye shadow:-

You should tape your end of the in a diagonal position to have a fine “cat eye” look. It not only gives precise eyeliner, but also perfect eye makeup as a whole.

11.Make your lipstick last longer:-

When you apply lipstick, take a tissue paper and put it on your lips. Apply some of the tissue paper to have it on your lips, so your lipstick will last longer.

12.Use white eye pencil:-

If you want to make your eyes look bigger, just use white eyeliner or a pencil on your lower inner eyelid. This will make your eyes look bigger than before.

13.Apply blush with a smile:

When applying blush, first smile and take the brush towards the upper part of the ear and then downwards the jawline.

14.Clump-free mascara:

If you want clump-free mascara you can either tap the brush on the mascara on the tissue paper to get off the excess mascara from the brush. Either you can also a clump-free mascara by using a spare mascara brush. When you apply mascara to your lashes, take a clean brush to clean up the clumps of mascara from your eyelids.

Look Gorgeous With Simple Makeup Hacks - Apply mascara with a spoon

You can look gorgeous with the simple makeup hacks given above. These trips and tricks are awesome to have a superb look and attractive personality. You will look beautiful in an easy way. Do try these tips and you will have a different look for sure.