Major Progress In Treatment Of Heart Attack And Cancer




Major Progress In Treatment Of Heart Attack And Cancer. If it is said that cancer and heart attack are currently the world’s most dangerous and extremely psychiatric diseases, it will not be wrong. Although there is a cure for these diseases. However, for the first time, the treatment of these diseases has become major and surprising progress. It makes many health specialists surprised too. I am writing about some Major Progress In the Treatment Of Heart Attack And Cancer. It will not only prevent these diseases but, also lowers their risk.

According to a report published in New England General of Medicine, a long investigation was conducted in 39 countries from the world. It was held under the supervision of Harvard Medical School Boston Massachusetts and the British Heart Foundation.

: Major Progress In Treatment Of Heart Attack And Cancer :

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In research, thousands of doctors from 39 countries and 10 thousand patients participated. This research was continued for 4 years. According to the report, patients that participated in this research were all heart patients. And, many of them were attacked by heart attack once. Research also included patients who had a heart attack twice. While, other patients were of heart diseases and cancer.

These patients were given the injection of ‘Canakinumab’ till 4 years. Patients were given the regular dose of this injection for the four years. After 4 years, its effects were reviewed.

According to specialists’ results, if patients with heart disease are given the injection of ‘Canakinumab’ every three months, they may reduce 24% chance of heart attack.

According to the results, 17% chances of angioplasty and surgery decrease in the heart patients, if they use the injection regularly. Not only this, the use of this medicine can also cure the lung cancer.

According to the results, the treatment of cancer patients reduces the likelihood of increasing their disease by up to 50 percent.

It is clear that the researchers first presented this report to the European Society of Cardiology Congress in Barcelona, after which it was published in Angels’ Science Journal. The report later published in the British media.

 It is to be noted that many pharmaceutical companies produce this “Canakinumab” injection. Canakinumab was also used for the patients suffering from a stroke.

This medicine works as antibiotic in the human body. It works effectively when the person’s cholesterol, blood pressure and digestive system become a disorder.

The drug was first developed by the company ‘Novartis’.

What Causes Heart Attack And Cancer:-

Cause Of Heart Attack:

Many heart attacks are caused by coronary heart disease. It is a condition that clogs the coronary arteries with calcified and fatty plaques. In 1980, researchers confirmed that immediate cause of heart attack is not the plaque itself. However, it is the sudden formation of a blood clot. It is formed on the top of the plaque, that ruptures and cut off the blood flow in the blood vessel which is already narrowed.

Risk Factors Of Heart Attack:

There are many major factors that can cause the heart attack. It includes high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, obesity, diabetes and sedentary lifestyle. A heart attack can also be caused by stress. Another very important risk factor that can cause the heart attack is the family history. If you have a family history of heart disease, it can increase the risk of heart in the early ages, both in men and women.

Men with the age above 50 and have a family history of heart disease are predisposed to the heart attack. The risk of heart attack in the women might be increased significantly after the menopause. It is the because of the high levels of estrogen in the body of the women.

Causes Of Cancer:

How is cancer caused? It is the result of the cells that grow uncontrollably and never die. The cells in our body are very normal and follow an order of their life that is; growth, division and death. A normal cell is known as “Apoptosis”. When this process stops, cancer is all set to begin. Cancer cells do not follow programmed cell death. Cancer cells are the mass of abnormal cells that grow out of control.

Risk Factors Of Cancer:

The risk factors for cancer may include age, alcohol, cancer-causing substances, chronic inflammation, diet, hormones, immunosuppression, infectious agents, obesity, radiation, sunlight and tobacco might lead to the abnormal growth of cells.

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