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Make Creative Things With Old Magazines. In this article, you’ll read how to recycle old magazines, old magazine crafts, and recycling old magazines. Recycling waste things is art. In this article, I am going to tell you about how to make creative things with old magazines. From home decoration to your personal needs, you can use them in different extraordinary ways.

-: Make Creative Things With Old Magazines :-

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• Create 3-D wall hangings :-

Want some new hangings for the wall. Take your old mags and create 3-D art. This will give your magazines a new purpose and your walls a new look.

• Have a creative nail art :-

Decorate your nails with the words of your magazines.

• Trendy garlands :-

Garlands are all the rage right now. Instead of cutting the colourful papers, use different brands advertisements cuttings. And, put your own twist on this home decor trend.

• Wrap a gift :-

You can add the spice to any gift by wrapping it with the magazine. This will give a new look to the gift.

• Make creative envelope :-

There is no need to go to the market for the envelope if you want to send some emails. Just take your old magazine papers and make a trending yet stylish envelope.

• Wall warm welcome :-

Make your home warm and welcoming with a “Live, Laugh, Love” display made from magazine pages in your living room.

• Cupcake toppers :-

Decorate your cupcakes with magazine clipping cake toppers instead of the typical sprinkles.

• Make creative clock :-

Make the coolest clock ever like in the picture. For sure, it is made from the rolled-up old magazine pages.

• Make floral centerpiece :-

Cut up those old Vogue pages and turn them into a floral centerpiece.

• Try some abstract art :-

Make some abstract from old magazines advertisements. You can use them as wall hangings or you can gift this creativity as a card to someone.

• Cool table decoration :-

Decorate your table by using the old magazine pages. Make a floral arrangement and give your vase a new look.

• Make creative wall art :-

One way to keep your wall looking interesting is to create your own art with old magazines. Hey, if you get good at it, maybe you can sell them!

• Write words on the wall :-

Write ‘ sweet dream ‘ on your bedroom wall by the cuttings of old magazine pages. Have a look at it before going to bed every night. For sure, you will see beautiful and sweet dreams in your sound sleep.

• Plant decoration :-

If you’re more of a nature lover and can keep a plant alive, why not give it a cool place to live?

• Make a side table :-

Let’s be honest—furniture can be expensive. Instead of dropping $100 on a new side table, stack your magazines like this.

• Creative door hanging :-

Make flowers with magazine pages like this and put them together on a wreath for beautiful door hanging.

• Create a trash bin :-

Need for a new trash bin, instead of buying a new one make your own creative one by using the magazine pages.

• Bracelet hanger:-

Try this innovative way to store your bracelets with your magazines.

Have some really old magazines? Make a vintage magazine gallery wall in your home.

• Cool magazine basket :-

Make a cool magazine basket for a trendy home decor.

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