McDonald’s French Fries At Home




McDonald’s French Fries At Home. French fries are an all-time favourite of everyone. But the taste and quality of McDonald’s french fries are the best all of the above. Here, I bring the video from Steve’s kitchen from YouTube, where you will come up with a recipe tutorial of how to make McDonald’s french fries at home. I bet you will make healthier and fresh french fries than those of McDonald’s.

What will you need:-

Good French Fry Potatoes, I prefer Russet Potatoes

Cut into French Fries and rinse off their starch.

Frying Oil of your choice, I use Canola here

-For the First Boil

2 Tablespoons of Salt

2 Tablespoon of White Wine Vinegar

It is not a simple recipe but if you will handle it with concentration you nearly will cook french fries like are available in restaurants.

McDonald’s french fries At Home:

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