Men’s Skin Problems And Solutions




Men’s Skin Problems And Solutions. You’ll read most common skin problems in men, how to cure skin problems in men, acne in men treatment & much more. We always talk about beauty tips and tricks for women. But we have discussed a very few topics about men beauty and skincare. Today, we will discuss Men’s skin problems and solutions. Our skin which the protective outer layer of our body has to deal a lot of tough situations. It is under assault with various harmful elements like sunlight, chemicals, and infections. Besides, sweat and stress put our skin into a whole new trauma.

Men’s Skin Problems And Solutions

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1. Acne: –

In men, during the teen years, your hormones are responsible for acne. But after it, there can be several factors causing it. Like stress, sweating, humidity and use of steroids during the gym sessions. If you wash your face too much, it can also cause acne to get worse. If your acne is too much worse to rattle your confidence, consult a doctor. Acne is a serious skin problem that needs proper medical treatment. A good skin specialist can tell you the cause of why you are suffering from serious acne. You can also use a face wash that contains 5 per cent of benzoyl-peroxide and use it twice on daily basis.

2. Razor Burn: –

Razor burn can cause discomfort and a red face for a few hours. But, if don’t handle it with care it can lead to a serious irritating rash. It might cause blisters and pimples on the skin for the next several days. Do it with care, a little blunder can create a huge discomfort. Always clean your face with warm water before shaving. Use new razors or blades every time you shave, as the old one can contain the harmful bacteria. Always apply shave gel on to face first. If any redness or rash occurs rub aloe vera gel on the face. You can also use cortisone cream or aftershave vitamin E oil. It will reduce the redness and calm the skin along with moisturizing it.

3. Sunburn: –

UV radiation is very dangerous for our skin. Our skin shows the sunburn immediately when it gets exposed to it. Some guys that have sensitive skin turns red. The other only show light-brown pigmentation. Melanin is a pigment in our skin that protects our skin from UV radiations. Fair skin guys have a low amount of melanin and might have more burn. You can use sunscreens, glasses, hats or other things to prevent it. But if you got a painful sunburn, apply vitamin E to your skin.

4. Rosacea: –

Rosacea is a skin disease that makes your face rosy red and inflammatory. About 14 million Americans suffer from it. As this skin condition is not life-threatening. It can cause a major blow to your confidence and personality. Rosacea shouldn’t be left untreated because it can get worse over time. It must treat with a specialist prescription. You can follow the precautionary measures. You should figure out the cause first. Use sunscreens, avoid rubbing and touching the area too much. Try not to use alcohol-based products on the face.

5. Eczema: –

Eczema is not a serious disease but half of the Americans suffer from it. Always remember if you are suffering from eczema, do not scratch your skin. Scratching can cause infections and swell the skin. This skin disorder can cause itchiness and make it difficult to sleep. It is caused by stress or dry climates. You can treat it with topical steroid creams, acupuncture and acupressure, phototherapy, vitamin D and antihistamines.

6. Athlete’s Foot: –

Working men are at risk for athlete’s foot. This infection begins to spread in the spaces between your toes to the toenails and sides of the feet. It is a fungal disease. You can treat the athlete’s foot by using Lotrimin-AF and Lamisil-AT. It can be expensive but act faster then anti-fungal creams. Wash your feet two times a day to prevent this infection further to spread. And wear loose sandals, not tight shoes or socks.

7. Hidradenitis Suppurativa: –

It is a somehow unknown and rare disease. Out of 100, only 4 suffer from it. It is like clusters of abscesses. There is a feeling of boiling of skin in the areas like underarms, groin, buttocks and inner thighs. Sometimes there can be inflammation of the skin and pus can also form. Consult your doctor, if such symptoms appear.

8. Psoriasis: –

Psoriasis is an itchy rash on the skin. It is a chronic skin disorder that can often cause scaling and inflammation. It can happen at any age of life. Psoriasis is caused by the abnormality of body immune system or it can be due to if your genes have them. In this skin order, you will experience the scaling of the skin and inflammation in the affected area. It can only be treated with a biological therapy called Humira, Vitamin A and topical creams. Know more about Psoriasis here.

9. Groin Rash: –

There can be an itch red rash in your groin area, which can create great discomfort. The fungus that causes the athlete’s foot also spread the groin rash. You can prevent it by taking shower daily, keep dry your groin area, change your underwear, avoid tight clothing. Don’t use the stuff of others. You can use an antifungal ointment (Lamisil AT), lotion, powder, or spray or any good topical cream.

10. Staph Infections: –

Staph infection can be deadly if your body suffers from it. It is caused by Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. You can only have prevention to keep yourself stay from it. Wash your hands several times a day and keep your wounds covered with sterile bandages. Always consult your doctor if you feel the change in your body.

=> Do not lose your confidence if you look different from others.

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