Natural Home Remedies For Cold




Natural Home Remedies For Cold. In this article, you will read how to treat cold at home with home remedies. Getting cold is one of the worst feelings. Because, the combination of fever, chills, body aches and nasal congestion makes you feel miserable. Treat your cold with natural home remedies are the best cure for it.

Natural Home Remedies For Cold:

There are plenty of home remedies to treat your cold at home without going to the doctor. Also, there will be no need of taking colourful pills to treat your cold.

Here are some remedies to treat your cold with natural home remedies.

-Hot Chicken Soup:-

Hot chicken is the best remedy of all. Enjoying a hot bowl of chicken or vegetable soup whether it is prepared from starch or warmed from corn, slows down the movement of neutrophils, which are the common white blood cells. Neutrophils help you to fight infection. It is very effective in reducing upper respiratory infections.


The use of ginger in different home remedies are known for centuries. Just taking some slices of raw ginger in boiling water may soothe your coughing or sore throat. And it also aids in influenza, which is caused by nausea.


Honey can be very effective in treating colds. Taking honey in tea with lemon will ease your sore throat. Honey has a variety of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Giving only 10 grams of honey to your child before bedtime will help to treat cough and flu.


Adding garlic to your diet in the first symptoms of a cold will help to get rid of it fast. Compound Ellison is found in garlic, which helps in blocking the enzymes which are helpful in the development of bacterial and viral infections.

-Salt Water:-

If you want to soothe your throat and want to prevent upper respiratory infections, you must gargle with salt water. It will not only ease the sore throat pain, but also helps with nasal congestion. Take mild hot water and add a teaspoon of salt to it. Swish it around your mouth and throat before you spit it out.

-Vapo Rub:-

No one likes the smell of vapour rubs but it helps a lot in reducing the symptoms of cold in children aged above two years. Its two or three layers on the chest, neck and nose will help in the opening of air passages and reduce coughing along with sound sleep.

As there are hundreds of home remedies for colds, but these remedies are the most helpful in treating colds at home. These are suitable for all ages as they are herbal and had no side effects.

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