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Natural remedies of mustard oil and its amazing benefits for the treatment of hair, skin and health problems. Mustard is the crop of Pakistan and is harvested on the large scale. In the spring season, the flowers of mustard bloom which are yellowish in colour. These flowers are very attractive and increase the beauty of the spring season. These flowers have some seeds from which oil is obtained, called mustard oil.

Mustard oil is known as “Sarson ka Tel” in Urdu. This oil is used in many medical products and is also known as one of the best food. In Ayurved, it is known as the most effective oil among all the other oils. The cholesterol level is very low in mustard oil, which is proving very beneficial for heart patients. There are a number of benefits in mustard oil. Its benefits range from hair problems or skin problems to the massage of kids and old people, mustard oil is beneficial for a number of problems. Mustard oil is also used in cooking. In this article, we are discussing the uses and home remedies for mustard oil.

Types Of Mustard Oil:

There are three kinds of mustard oil, which generally depend on the manner of extraction.

The first type is obtained by just pressing the mustard seeds which are fatty vegetable oil.

The second type is essential oil which is obtained by grinding the seeds and mixing them with water. Then extracting the oil through distillation.

The third type is obtained by mixing the mustard seed extract with other vegetable oils like soybean oil or canola oil. All these types have a strong aroma and nutty taste.

There are dozens of benefits of mustard oil. There are wide uses and home remedies for mustard oil. Here we will discuss the wide range of its beneficial uses, in beauty, households, kitchens, etc.

Natural Remedies Of Mustard Oil For Beauty & Health:-

The uses and various natural remedies of mustard oil are as under. Do try them and take benefits from them.

Hair Problems:

Take 250 g of neem leaves (Indian Lilac) and 450 g of olive oil. Grind the neem leaves, but don’t put them in water. When neem leaves were precisely ground, put them in a frying pan with mustard oil on low heat. When the neem leaves aroma comes and the colour of the oil changes just like the leaves, turn off the stove and let it cool. After cooling down, then filter the water and store the liquid in the bottle. Apply it half an hour before going to shower and also apply it afterwards. By using this, you will rid of all the hair problems.

Fungus Infection:

There are many natural remedies for mustard oil. You can also cure your fungal infection at home with mustard oil. If you get a fungal infection on your nails, use this oil with the help of a dropper. You will soon get relief.

Cracked Heels:

Take 250 g of mustard oil and cook it in a frying pan on medium heat. Then take a candle; cut it into small pieces. Put these candle pieces in a frying pan. When this mixture cooled down, store it in a bottle. It will act like vaseline. Before going to bed apply it on your heels and wear socks. After waking up, wash your feet. You will feel a big difference.

Stains on Clothes:

For stained clothes, put some mustard oil on that stain. Sprinkle some detergent on it and then rub. The stains will remove easily.

Removal of Lice from hair:

Take a phenyl tablet and make a powder of it. Then mix mustard oil in it. Apply it on your scalp and wash your hair after two hours. Your scalp will be lice-free after washing.

For itching:

Take 60 grams of mustard oil in 10 grams of camphor powder. In a glass bottle, put both mustard oil and camphor powder in it. Place it in sunlight. Your medicine will be ready when the camphor got dissolved. This medicine is extraordinarily useful for bacterial skin infection, rash, itching and mosquito/fly bites.

For cold and flu:

Patients with colds and flu also keep their nostrils wet with mustard oil, especially at night.

Skin burns:

If any part of the skin got burned, apply pure mustard oil on that area immediately. You will feel relief at the moment. If you apply mustard on the palms of your hands and feet you will soon get relief.

Weak Eyesight:

It is a very old home remedy that if you apply the mustard oil on the toes after a shower and cutting nails, your eyesight will never get weak.

Sparkling teeth:

Apply mustard oil daily with some pinches of salt on your teeth daily. Wash your teeth after 10 minutes with lukewarm water. You will get sparkling teeth.

Increases Appetite:

A healthy appetite is equal to good health. Mustard oil act like an appetizer which stimulates gastric juices in the stomach. It increases your hunger because of the irritation in the intestinal lining. Those who have poor appetites must use mustard oil as a cooking oil.

Reduce the risk of cancer:

Mustard oil has a substance named Glucosinate which is very popular for its anti-carcinogenic properties and prevents the formation of cancer tumours.


Mustard oil is a brilliant natural remedy for asthma and sinusitis. Whenever any person got an asthma attack, massage the chest with brown mustard oil, never use vapour rub. Vapour rub improves airflow into the lungs. Mix 1 tsp of sugar and 1 tsp of mustard oil and have a spoon several times a day. Or you can use it with honey. It will serve you in controlling your asthma.

These natural remedies of mustard oil can make your everyday life problems easier. Do apply these remedies and I am sure, you will get amazing advantages from mustard oil. Some people are allergic to allopathic medicine. Use these natural remedies for the treatment of different problems.

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