Reasons of Weight Gain In Winters




Reasons Of Weight Gain In Winters. In this article, you will get to know about winter weight gain and the reasons why people gain weight in winter.

Have you noticed that you gain weight in winter? It doesn’t only happen to you, but to many people. There are several reasons for this which can be overcome by knowing them. Below, I have mentioned some causes of winter weight gain.

What Are The Reasons Of Weight Gain In Winters?

1.Lack of movement:

As it gets colder, we want to stay in bed and keep our bodies warm. A lot of people leave work because of the cold. And most people don’t even like to go out in the cold. To avoid this, do activities in your home that keep you active. Try some physical exercise to stay fit and healthy.

2.Excessive Celebration Parties:

As soon as the winter season, most people arrange parties and celebrations in winter. A lot of junk food s eaten. These foods are not good for health, but they are eaten more because they are delicious. So this time also make a plan to eat healthily and avoid eating as much as you can. To avoid overeating at parties, eat healthy snacks, fruits, vegetables, salads etc throughout the day so that you don’t get too tempted towards dinner.

3.Delicious food:

In winter, hunger is more and we want to eat delicious things. In this season, people eat pizza, burgers, taka etc. with passion. These things are temporary fun and warm the body but lead to weight gain. Make your favourite foods with healthy ingredients and also add fruits and vegetables to your diet before eating these foods. Also, eat less.

4.Getting sick:

Many viral infections occur in winter and people stop working due to illness. Take care of hand hygiene to protect yourself from bacteria and avoid touching walls, railings, tables etc. in common places like office, bus stop, and shopping centre to protect yourself from flu and other viral infections.


Most people get worried and depressed due to the expenses incurred in winter. Too much worry and anxiety also cause weight gain. To save yourself from anxiety in these winters, adopt ways to keep yourself relaxed. One can relax by spending quality time with family and reading a good book.

6.Effects of weather:

Most people are more affected by the cold weather because there is a lack of energy in them. Due to this, they eat more and sleep more. All these things lead to weight gain.

7.House Structure:

Many people do not know that the temperature of the house also affects their eating habits. Research has shown that when people feel cold, they are more hungry and eat more than people whose homes are warm and quiet. To avoid overeating, keep the windows and doors of the house closed and keep the house warm.

8.Sleeping in loose or uncomfortable clothes:

Many people wear warm clothes and cover the top with a blanket to sleep. At first, it seems good, but after a while, their sleep is disturbed due to the heat. Research has proved that insufficient sleep also leads to obesity. Therefore, for a restful sleep, it is important that the temperature of the room is not too high and the clothes should be kept light while sleeping so that the sleep will not be disturbed by sudden heat.

9.Hot drinks:

As the winter progresses, the consumption of tea, coffee and chocolate shakes increases, These drinks contain a lot of calories. Instead of drinking too many liquid calories, keep your water intake high to avoid weight gain in winter.

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