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Side Effects Of Coffee On Our Health. Coffee is western people’s favorite drug. All most every person in western countries starts their day with coffee. They enjoy their coffee and have no issues with drinking it. But some people are affected badly by drinking the coffee. Drinking so much coffee can make you addictive and you will find difficult to go a day without it. In this article, I will talk about some side effects of coffee on our health.

If you want to drink coffee, never drink it with an empty stomach. Coffee has a large amount of caffeine which can affect our overall health. Its side effects depend on how much you consume coffee on daily basis. Coffee can affect your skin, hair, stomach, and much more. It can also cause constipation. If you have acne problem then stop drinking it. Because coffee is highly acidic.

High dose of acidic caffeine can create hormone problems which cause skin disease, acne, unwanted facial hair. Trust me if you want an acne clear skin then stop drinking too much coffee. Just drink 1 to 3 cups of coffee a day. Coffee has also some health benefits. It warms your body in winter. Coffee can increase your energy level because caffeine is a stimulant drug. But if you have these kinds of health problems then avoid it.

Coffee has some negative effects on our health which include stress, digestive disorders, ulcer, heartburn etc. Many of us, don’t aware of its side effects.

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Coffee has many side effects. But many of us are not aware of it. Here, I will explain you about its side effects on our health.


It can cause acne problem in a variety of ways. Coffee can boost your stress hormone which leads to acne. Coffee has acidic caffeine which promotes oil production in the skin. If you have acne problem then stop drinking too much coffee.

2- Stomach:

Coffee has acidic caffeine which affects our stomach badly. If you feel heartburn, acid indigestion, sour stomach then stop drinking coffee too much. Continue use of coffee can cause stomach ulcer. Do you want to stay healthy? Then leave the habit of drinking coffee.

3- Heartburn:

Coffee can cause heartburn. Many other drinks like coke, soda, ice tea and energy drinks also contribute to heartburn. Coffee is particularly problematic for heartburn and stomach. If you have heartburn problem, then consume only 3 to 4 cup of coffee in a day. High dose of coffee can increase your heartburn problem.


Stress and tension are also caused by coffee. It can increase your body’s heart rate, blood pressure and tension level. Drinking too much coffee can release stress hormone in the body. Some people say that coffee gives us energy and they can’t live without it. But for many of us, coffee affects our health and cause stress and tension.

5-Digestive system:

Coffee can affect our digestive system. People who drink coffee often report an upset stomach and digestive system. It affects badly on our digestive system. If you have a digestive problem then avoid drinking coffee too much.

6- Hair problems:

Coffee can create hair problems. Because coffee has acidic caffeine which affects our hair growth, dandruff, and hair fall. If you have hair problem then avoid drinking coffee too much.

7-Hormone imbalance:

Coffee can create a hormone imbalance problem which affects us in a variety of ways. Usually, hormone problem affect women health which affects their skin, hair, and facial hair problem. Women should not drink the high amount of coffee. Because it disturbs their hormones and it creates many other health problems.

8-Mineral Absorption:

Coffee is mineral absorption drink. When we drink too much coffee, it absorbs minerals in the body. If we eat mineral-rich foods and supplement at the same when we drink coffee, so it absorbs all the minerals which we consume. Women who consume more than 300 mg caffeine face more bone problems than women who consume less caffeine. Use of a large amount of coffee can absorb minerals, vitamin, calcium.


It can create insomnia problem. Coffee drinkers face sleep decrease problem. But they don’t know why it happens to them. People drink coffee for freshness and stay awake at night for work. The high dose of caffeine starts creating insomnia problem. Insomnia is a sleep disorder and sometimes it is caused by coffee.

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