Silent Signs Of Stroke




Silent Signs Of Stroke. In this article, you will get to know about what is stroke, the types of stroke, and what are the silent signs of stroke. It is a very serious disease, and if not treated on time can prove fatal to human overall health.

What Is Stroke?

Stroke or paralysis is a disease in which the brain is damaged and a part of the body is paralyzed. Its effects can be reduced if proper treatment is given in time. However, many people consider the symptoms of this deadly disease to be other medical problems. And there are delays in treatment which further complicate the disease.

When you have a stroke, with every passing minute, your brain loses 1.9 million cells. And, if you don’t get treatment within an hour, your brain life increases by three and a half years. The longer the delay in receiving treatment, the greater the risk of problems such as speech problems, memory loss and behavioural changes. The sooner a stroke is caught, the more effective it is treated and there will be less brain damage.

Types Of Strokes:

There are two types of stroke. One is the blockage of blood vessels resulting in a decrease in blood supply to the brain. The second type is when a blood vessel begins to bleed into the brain.

The symptoms of both types of stroke are the same. It is important for everyone to be aware of them. Medical experts say that the warning signs of stroke start appearing a week before the actual seizure.

Silent Signs Of Stroke - symptoms

Silent Signs Of Stroke:

1-Difficulty In Speaking:

Some medications like painkillers, cause stuttering or difficulty in speaking. People think this is the effect of that medication, but it can also be one of the silent signs of stroke. According to medical experts, if you have not experienced any side effects from using this medicine before, then it may be a sign of paralysis. You should contact the doctor immediately for medical help.

2-Difficulty In Thinking:

When people experienced difficulty in choosing the right words or thinking carefully about something, they often attribute it to fatigue. But a sudden loss of mental capacity is one of the most common symptoms of stroke.

According to medical experts, any person may have difficulty in thinking for a moment, but if its duration increases, it is a cause for concern. According to them, many times patients do not even realize what is wrong because their brain is not working and their ability to think is affected.

3-Seeing Two Things Instead Of One:

Eyesight problems such as seeing two things instead of one, blurred vision or loss of vision in one eye can be symptoms of paralysis. Most people consider these symptoms to be the result of old age or fatigue.

According to experts, fatigue or too much study makes it impossible to see one thing at a time. In fact, a blocked artery in the blood reduces the amount of oxygen needed by the eyes, which can lead to vision problems and other signs of strokes.

4-Numbing Of Hands And Feet:

If you wake up in the afternoon after a short nap and your hands or feet feel numb, it is easy to assume that it can result in a nervous breakdown. Else, it can be also one of the silent signs of stroke. However, medical experts say that if your hand suddenly becomes numb or weak. And, If the condition does not go away in a few minutes, you should contact for immediate medical attention.

According to them, a decrease in blood flow in the arteries from the spinal cord to the brain results in a feeling of numbness or weakness in the body.

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