Sleep Disorders And Their Effects




Sleep Disorders And Their Effects. You’ll read causes of sleep disorders, types of sleep disorders, symptoms of sleep disorder , treatment of sleep disorder, etc. Sleep disorder is very common in the modern world. It happens due to stress, travel, illness, electronic things and drinking coffee at night. We all experience trouble sleeping now and then.

Our lifestyle also creates sleep problems. A sleep disorder can have a negative impact on our energy, mood, concentration, and overall health. It can affect the ability to sleep well on a regular basis.

Sleep disorders and their effects can affect your physical and mental health. But, if your sleep problems create serious issues, give attention to it and go to the doctor to cure it. It is not normal to have issues in your sleeping routine as it can hinder your health and lifestyle. If you can’t get proper sleep at night, you will feel sleepy and tired during the day. The sleep disorder can create many problems such as damage to your brain system, memory problems, weight gain and job performance. If you want to stay happy, sleep properly at night. Sleep is necessary for good physical and mental health.

What Is A Sleep Disorders And Their Effects:

Common Types Of Sleep Disorder:

Sleep disorder has many types which are given below:
1-Insomnia sleep disorder
2-An apnea sleep disorder
3-Restless legs
4-A narcolepsy sleep disorder

Here, I will explain to you about different types of sleep disorder:

1- Insomnia sleep disorder:

An insomnia sleep disorder can be caused by stress, a health condition, amount of coffee and the medication you take at night. Many people suffering from insomnia often don’t get help from their doctors. Chronic Insomnia is a serious sleeping disorder which means your brain retrains itself to not sleep when it’s supposed to. In that case, you need to go to the doctor for medical treatment. Insomnia can cause depression, irritability, weight gain and impaired work performance.

2- Sleep apnea:

Sleep apnea is that disorder in which your breath temporary stops during sleep and awakens you many times at night. It happens due to some health problems. Snoring may be harmless but, it is an alarming sign of apnea disorder. Sleep apnea has several types such as snoring, upper airway resistance syndrome, periodic limb movement disorder, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, delayed sleep phase disorder and advanced sleep phase disorder.

3-Restless legs:

Restless legs syndrome is also a type of sleep disorder. It happens when you move your legs so much at night either you are tired or tensed. It happens when you want to sleep but, can’t sleep.

4- Narcolepsy sleep disorder:

Narcolepsy is a common sleep disorder. It is uncontrollable daytime sleepiness. In narcolepsy, your brain loses the ability to control sleep and wakefulness.

Causes Of Sleep Disorder:

1-Stress and anxiety are a major cause of sleep disorder. They often create a negative impact on sleep quality.
2-Nocturia or frequent urination may disrupt your sleep. Because you wake up during the night.
3-Allergies and respiratory infections can create hindrances to breathe at night.
4-Chronic pains can also make it difficult to sleep at night. Here are some types of chronic pain. have a look:
.Chronic fatigue
.Inflammatory bowel disease
. Headaches
. Lower back pain
. Arthritis

Symptoms Of Sleep Disorder:

-Feel sleepy during the day when you watching television, working, sitting and reading.
-Feel tired while working. Have difficulty concentrating on work.
-React slowly to some situation.
-Depressed thinking.
-Lack of interest while working at the office.
-You want to nap almost every day. -Lack of energy at work time.
-Physically and mentally disturbed during the day.

Self Help To Cure Sleep Disorder:

You can cure sleep problems with self-help. After this, you will not require to consult to your doctor.

1-Improve your lifestyle, take a healthy diet. If you want quality sleep then, first of all, change your lifestyle. Do exercise in the early morning.
2-Your bedroom should be dark, quiet, cool.
3-Avoid heavy meals at night.
4 If you wake at night then get back to sleep.
5-If you have trouble getting back to sleep. Avoid negative thinking about your personal life or try other relaxation techniques.

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