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Tips To Keep Yourself Motivated While Running. In this article, you’ll read about top reasons to run, tips to run without stopping and long run motivation. The New year is here and some of us had chosen some new resolution for this year. Many of us had changed our lifestyle to start new beginnings. It is the desire of a number of people to stay fit and healthy. A healthy diet and some workout can help us to achieve that goal.

Running is the best thing to stay fit and smart throughout your entire life. It is very difficult to start some new routine. People find running difficult in starting. But, it gradually becomes your lifestyle and changes it altogether.

It is very difficult and tempting to hit the snooze button of the alarm when it rings for the morning run. Only motivation can help you to get out of this tough situation. Various people have motivation for various things. But, the motivation for running to stay healthy and fit is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Running can be done anywhere. It burns the most calories than any other cardio exercise. Regular running can reduce the risk of many diseases like heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes and chronic illness. It also boosts your mood along with keeping your weight on track.

Tips To Keep Yourself Motivated While Running:

I am mentioning some of the tips that will keep the newbies to remain motivated while running.

– Running for health:

When you start your running session always keep in mind that you are running to keep yourself healthy. If you are healthy, you can live a better life without any hurdles regarding health.

– Start small:

Never put yourself into something that you can do. It will only lower your confidence. On your first day of running, never set a goal which you can’t achieve. Don’t ready for a marathon on your first day out. If you will do so, it will lead to injury which can result in bruising your motivation.

– Set a goal:

You should set a particular time limit, like 2 minutes running on the first day. despite the time limit, set a particular distance to be covered through running without stopping. The important thing to keep in mind that set that time limit which you can overcome without stopping. You should keep moving during your running session. Gradually day by day, you can increase your time limit up to 30 minutes.

– Play your favorite music:

Play some music to keep yourself motivated during your workout. Always create a playlist that truly energizes you. The songs with a heavy dance mix or loud beat could help you. Keep refreshing your MP3 list with the variety of songs that you love.

If the music doesn’t interest you, consider an audiobook about a topic that interests you. It can divert your mind from the effort you’re putting into doing the exercise.

– Step Counters:

Runners use the pedometer to count their steps, distance and burned calories. It can modify your workout. Else, it can help you in staying motivated by showing effort and hard work which you’ve done

– Run with a friend:

During the running session, bring a friend with you that can help in keeping your motivation high. You will be more passionate about running when you will think that there is someone who is waiting for you. If you find any difficulty in finding any friend, take a dog with you, a man’s best friend.

– Change your routes:

Mix things up. Running on the same route over and over again can make your workout worth boring. Vary your distances, time limit and routes.

– Join a club:

Joining a running club is the perfect way to stay motivated and commit yourself to run regularly. Clubs also help you in finding the running partner to run with outside of club sessions.

• Tips to run without stopping:

Here some tips to run without stopping. Do follow them and you will feel that these tips will help you in achieving your set goal easily.

– Make sure that you’re breathing properly.

– Keep your posture right by staying upward.

– Use arms to move forward.

– Keep your pace under control.

– Use your arms in the 90-degree angle to move forward.

– Follow a training schedule to keep yourself on track and motivated.

• Problems in running:

New runners can face various problems in running at starting. But, as they make running their daily routine that problems or hurdles gradually became to disappear. I am mentioning some of the problems that can happen to beginners.

– Side Stitch:

A side stitch is the most basic problem you can encounter while running. Nearly everyone has experienced it. It is a sharp pain under the lower edge of the rib cage. It is a muscle spasm of the diaphragm. Most people feel them on their right side, below the ribs.

• There are many factors that can cause side stitches, such as;

1. Eat before running.

2. Drinking beverages high in carbohydrates and concentrated before going to run.

3. Doing high-intensity workout in the beginning.

4. Not warming up before exercising.

– Upset stomach:

Running more than your capacity can cause internal intestinal jarring. Although, running can also make your stomach upset. Because, when you run blood circulation comes into an active mode and mix your things up in the stomach. Make sure that you have your meal 2 to 4 hours before running. Unless it can cause an upset stomach.

– Blisters:

Blisters are bubbles that appear on the skin after the friction between the shoe and your foot. This can be caused due to the new pair of shoes or wet conditions. You can prevent blisters by wearing the proper fitting shoes and a pair of moisture-wicking socks.

– Chafing:

It is caused by different parts of the body like armpits, inner thighs, waist or chest when rubbed raw due to the friction of ill-fitting or wet clothes. Wear moisture-wicking and well-fitted clothes that can keep you dry in wet conditions or when you sweat.

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