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Tips To Make Makeup Last Longer. Summer is here. And, there is a scorching heat these days, which has spared no one. Summer is all you mean is sweaty you all the time. It not only ruins your clothes but also your makeup too. So, you need all-day makeup. In this article, you will come up with some tips to make makeup last longer all day.

Tips To Make Makeup Last Longer All Day:

Tips To Make Makeup Last Longer - Chart

1. Properly Prep Your Skin:

Properly prepping your skin is one of the ways to make makeup last all day. If you want to make your makeup last all day prepping the skin can be helpful. Exfoliate and cleanse your skin to get rid of excess oil, dirt and any extra residue. Make sure that your skin is all clean. Then apply some moisturizer that suits your skin best or your skin type.

2. Primming And Blotting:

When your moisturizer gets the sink in your skin, take a blotting paper or some tissue. Now, blot away the excess moisture and oil from your skin. By doing this, your skin will remain matte for a long time. After blotting, prime your full face with a good primer. It will help you a lot in having long lasting makeup all day. You should choose a primer that has a little sticky finish. It will make the foundation to adhere better to the skin.

3. Powder-Up Your Face:

After priming your skin, it’s time to add some powder to your face. Apply some translucent powder to matte up your face or only t-zone. If you have an oily skin type, then apply the powder to your whole face. When you have done with powdering, apply your regular foundation and concealer as you do.

4. Baking The Concealer:

Bake up your concealer to prevent it from creasing and wearing off. Take a translucent powder and apply it on the areas where you had put the concealer. Wait for 5 minutes, so that it could sit in. Then brush away all the powder and apply a little compact powder to set the foundation or cream base. Then apply the makeup setting spray to remove all the powderiness and set up the base.

5. Powder Down The Cream Products:

After setting all your makeup with the translucent powder, now use the powder products over the cream products. Use powder blush, powder contour, a powder highlighter, gel liner or kohl with black eyeshade to make it stay all day long. In the end, use the setting spray to lock everything.

6. Lips And Eyes:

Before applying the eye makeup, use the eye primer to stop the eyeshadows from creasing and smudging. Use waterproof mascaras because they are less prone to flake off. For lips, you can use a lip primer and sealer to make it last longer. Line your lips with lip liner, so that your lipstick will stay from bleeding. Opt for matte lipstick instead of cream lipsticks.

7. Touching Up:

Always keep blotting papers and matte compact powder in your bag. Blot and concealer your makeup as soon as possible, you see it started creasing. Blot first the excessive oil then apply the compact on the area. You can also use tissue paper if you don’t have blotting papers.

8. Keep Your Hands Off Your Face:

Do not touch your face with your fingers. Keep yourself astray from doing this. Because the oils on your hands will then transferred to the skin of your face. It will cause your makeup to budge up. Not only this, but your hands also have too many germs, that can lead to future acne and other breakouts.

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