Top Health Benefits Of Green Tea And Side Effects




Top Health Benefits Of Green Tea And Side Effects. You’ll read about the uses of green tea, side effects of green tea, types of green tea and much more. Green tea has many health benefits. It is made from Camellia Sinensis leaves which originated in China. But, its production has spread to Asian countries. Many varieties of green tea are available in the market. Many of us use it for weight loss. But, we don’t know about its other benefits.

Top Health Benefits Of Green Tea And Side Effects:

However, green tea is the healthiest thing to drink. It has antioxidants and nutrient properties that improve brain function, fat loss, and a lower risk of cancer and heart problems. Green tea has some different varieties such as black, green, and oolong. It depends on how you grow tea leaves.

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-: Types Of Green Tea:-

Green tea has many different types which are given below:

1- Gunpowder green tea

2- Bancha green tea

3- China green tea

4- Sencha green tea

5-Matcha green tea

6-Gyno Kuro green tea

7-Hojicha green tea

8-Tencha green tea

9- Kabusecha green tea

-: Research On Green Tea:-

Scientific research shows that green tea has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties which help us to control skin cancer and other cancers. Some researchers suggest that green tea cannot lose weight. Because, if you want to lose weight, then do exercise and eat less. Your health depends on your lifestyle and genes, no food can protect you from diseases. For example, if you drink alcohol and do smoking daily, then no healthy food can protect you from diseases.

On the other hand, research from 2014 shows that green tea can be helpful in weight loss. Recent studies on green tea show that green tea can improve blood flow and is good for cholesterol. Green tea is that tea which fights cancer, heart problem, diabetes, cholesterol, brain problems and so on.

-: Health Benefits Of Green Tea:-

 Most people are not aware of the benefits of green tea. But, here I will explain to you all the benefits of green tea. Just have a look at these amazing benefits of green tea.

1-Green tea and weight loss:

Green tea regulates metabolism which is helpful for burning calories faster. You should drink it daily for weight loss.

2-Green tea and diabetes:

Green tea is helpful to keep blood sugar stable in people with diabetes.

3-Green tea and heart disease

Green tea boosts the health of the heart and keeps it away from blood clots. If you consume tea daily then you have low risk of a heart attack.

4-Green tea and skin

Green tea has antioxidant and anticancer properties which are good to cure skin cancer. It protects the skin from different diseases.

5-Green tea and oesophagal cancer:

Green tea is effective in oesophagal cancer. Because it has anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties which fight against the development, progress and growth of cancer.

6-Green tea and blood pressure:

Green tea is beneficial for blood pressure control. It controls your blood pressure naturally. Because it keeps your blood thin and controls your blood pressure.

7-Green tea and brain problems:

Green tea keeps your brain healthy. Because it has one particular compound inside known as EGCG which helps the brain for better functioning.

: Side Effects Of Green Tea On Health:

-Stomach problems might happen due to Caffeine. Green tea has less amount of Caffeine than other tea. But, if you have a stomach problem then avoid it.

-Green tea can create sleep problems. Because it has caffeine which affects your sleep.

-Again caffeine is the cause of headaches.

-Green tea can lead to an irregular heartbeat. Because it has caffeine.

– Diarrhea is another side effect of green tea.

-Green tea is acidic which causes heartburn.

-A worse side effect of green tea is acute liver failure.

– Green tea cause calcium absorption which causes osteoporosis.

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