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Top Trendy Nail Shapes. In this article, you’ll get to know about different nail shapes, popular nail shapes and nail shapes 2021. Some nail shapes are very popular nowadays. But, many of us don’t know which shape is right for your hands and fingers. Because every person has different types of hands and fingers, and every shape is not suitable for everyone.

These shapes are very unique, stylish, elegant, and passionate for nails. you can try these shapes at home for doing manicure and pedicure. Before you go to the salon, you have to know which shape is suitable for your nails. Because, manicure treatment trim, polish and give shape to your nails. Nail shapes trend comes from western countries. But, nowadays, it is very popular all over the world. Every girl has a desire for stylish nails. Before we do nail art, we have to select the right shape for our nails, then do nail art.

Top Trendy Nail Shapes 2020:-

Many different nail shapes are popular nowadays, which are given below:


2-Square oval









Here we are discussing different top trendy nail shapes in detail that will make your hands more beautiful and attractive.

1- Square:

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Basically, this shape is good for those who have short nails. because long nails look wide from the front.

This makes your hands look bigger. It is flawless shape for short nails.

2-Square oval:

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The square oval shape is just like the square shape. But, this shape is less sharp. The square oval shape is good for every type of hands because its side shape is less sharp from the square shape and it is easily carried by every finger.

3- Oval:

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The oval shape is softer than other shapes. Its tip is blunt and you can easily carry this shape. The oval shape is suitable for those whose hands that are slender. This shape is right for long nails.


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The rounded shape is just like oval, and almond. These shapes are softer and comfortable. The rounded shape is good for long fingers. you can carry this shape at all the time.


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The stiletto shape is very sharp. The stiletto is not possible from natural nails. It only carries from artificial nails. Because natural nails do not have enough strength to hold them. And, every type of hands can carry this shape.


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Ballerina shape is right for small, and thick hands. This shape looks nice on long nails.


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This shape is only used for the party because this shape is very sharp from the tip and we cannot carry it all the time.


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Lipstick shape is usually used for fun, for some college event, and kitty parties.


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Flare shape is not so common. It can be carried only from long nails. Small hands can carry this shape. This shape is difficult to carry because it has chances of a break.


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Almond shape is good progress from the oval shape. Almond is very famous in celebrities. This shape is right for bigger hands. This shape makes big hands slender and long.

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