Top Websites To Make Life Easier And Better




Top Websites To Make Life Easier And Better. You’ll cover topics like websites that make life easy, websites for personal use & useful websites in everyday life and much more. In the previous decade, there has been an ascent of astonishing and free sites that can significantly enhance the quality of our lives.
Not all these sites are equivalent. The best always ascends to the top, and we would prefer not to squander your time with sites that won’t convey the most extreme outcomes. From improving your health, learning a new language, to saving your time. We’ve curated the main 17 free sites that will make your personal life easier and better.

Top Websites To Make Life Easier And Better

Top Websites To Make Life Easier And Better

What you’ll get: Ability to effectively and easily track calories
MyFitnessPal is a free personal assistant to help you get in ideal shape. It tracks your calories, gives you tips, and detailed analytics about health performance and well-being. It is one of the top websites to make life easier and better.

What you’ll get: Instant, top-notch, and high-quality video meetings
Skype is astonishing, yet it can get trickier when you have more than one person you are chatting with. help, you make create instant virtual spaces for group meetings and more. It’s quick, proficient, simple, and easy.

What you’ll get: Start speaking a new language in just a matter of seconds
Rype was made to rethink what it’s like to learn a language. Compared to a language school, Rype offers private language learning lessons for 1/10 of the cost, with completely verified efficient teachers that are available 24 hours a day. It gives you an entire 14-day free trial to have a complete look at it.

What you’ll get: Peaceful mind and personality through meditation
Calm offers peace of mind on demand. This application comprises breathing exercises and sleeps stories to help you keep and maintain the ideal mind.

What you’ll get: Organization of thoughts and various projects
Keeping track of everything you’re working on takes a tonne of mental space. Evernote organized everything in one place. It is the top website to make life easier and better. You can take notes, save articles, and can share them with others.

What you’ll get: Free education on various subjects
CreativeLIVE offers free instructive and education classes from premium teachers on various subjects from photography, business and finance, designing, and much more.

What you’ll get: A better understanding of finances
Investopedia is the top leading online website for learning everything about finance. They have free tools, dictionary, articles, tutorials, and much more.

What you’ll get: Personal assistant for planning and scheduling things
They say that man-made intelligence is around the corner, but it seems to be already making way. With, you get a free personal helper and associate named Amy, who will assist and help you to arrange a greater part of your planning and scheduling via email.

What you’ll get: Community and accountability for goal setting
Sometimes all we have to accomplish our vital objectives and goals is a community that keeps us responsible. With, you get that and much more. Their free application offers suggestions to help you remain fully informed and updated regarding your propensities, communities that you can associate with, and even offer training for the individuals who require it.

Spritz app:

What you’ll get: Enhance your reading speed by 2x
Spritz was made to help us read quicker. This innovation scours through whatever you’re attempting to read and shows it for you word by word in view of how quickly you need to read it — i.e. 500 wpm, 400 wpm, and so on.

What you’ll get: Free stock photographs to use in any way you want
Free, astounding, and high-quality stock photography is on the ascent. What pexels offers is an aggregation of all the best stock photography sites in one place.

StickK app:

What you’ll get: Accountability to meet your important goals and objectives
In case you’re not exactly the type of person who’s shown a track record of hitting your goals, StickK can offer assistance. How? By putting your cash where your mouth is. You set your own particular stakes on the off chance that you don’t hit your objective, as you’ll never see that money again.

Momentum app:

What you’ll get: Beautiful wallpapers collection to look every day
Momentum is a simple, free program extension that showcases delightful photographs whenever you open another tab. What you see regularly can influence how you think and feel, and this is a simple-to-execute hack to enhance your life.

What you’ll get: Removal from Internet distractions
Freedom blocks distractions from the web (truly) by keeping you from going on the web for some period of time.

What you’ll get: Advice on getting fit and healthy is a place for learning and knowing about nutrition, training, and fitness programs to get into the best shape of your life.

What you’ll get: Curated list of the best, new items on the web
On the off chance that you appreciated this post, and also finding new items, then you’ll enjoy ProductHunt. Regularly, there’s another curated list of products, books, podcasts, games, and more that you can discover online.

Memrise app:

What you’ll get: Tool to remember new things
Memrise helps you remember new words in the easiest way. It’s ideal for anybody who is learning a new language, studying for an exam, and much more.

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