Treatments Of Body Aches And Muscle Pains In Homeopathy




Treatments Of Body Aches And Muscle Pains In Homeopathy. Our body experiences various types of body aches. It may include pains from injury or sprain, joint aches, sciatica pains, uric acid or pain in bones called osteoarthritis. For all these body aches treatment is available in homeopathy and is also very effective. Homoeopathy medicines are far better than allopathic medicines because there are not any side effects of consuming homeopathic medicines. In this piece of information, I am writing about treatments of body aches and muscle pains in homeopathy. You will read about various body pains, causes of body pain, and the homeopathic medicine to treat the body pain.

: Treatments Of Body Aches And Muscle Pains In Homeopathy :

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1. Sprain Pain and Injury Pain:

If your any body part is injured, it can lead to inflammation of the ligaments and tendons. This can also happen if you have a strain in the hand or feet. This type of situation can cause a serious type of discomforts. Homeopathy medicines prescribed for this kind of pain are as under;

– Arnica

– Rhus Tox

– Ruta

– Hypericum

2. Muscular Aches and Gastric Pains:

Gastric pain occurs when there is a disturbance in the digestive tract. This can be due to the disruption in the function of the digestive system like the build-up of gas can cause the intestinal muscles to spasm. And, when the body tries to release the gas, hands, legs, head or diaphragm might experience some discomfort. These pains are temporary and go away when inflammation settles down. The homeopathy medicines used to relieve this type of pain are;

– Carbo Veg

– Lycopodium

– Rhus Tox

– Magnesia Phos

3. Joint Pain:

The bones in our body connected with each other by the help joints. Joints help us to perform the everyday activities of life. Shoulders, elbows, wrist, fingers, hips, knees, ankles, cervical spine and lower back, sacrum, and tailbone are the main joints of our body. Our joints are covered with a lubricant called ‘ligaments’. Our body produces it naturally and it is a thick and slippery fluid. It is also known as liquid calcium. Our joints consume the calcium as well. And, when the reserves are depleted and used, we experience pain in our joints. Homeopathy medicines to overcome the joint pain are;

– Colchicum

– Calcarea Phos

– Calcarea Carb

– Guaiacum

– Lycopodium

4. Uric acid or Sciatica:

This specific type of pain affects the lower back. It starts from the hips and goes to the back of the legs. It is a very painful pain. There are two causes of sciatic pain. The first cause can be the fault in the kidney functioning. Uric acid is entering the main bloodstream. The second cause can be the pinching of the sacrum or lumbar nerves by the spinal cord. It can negatively affect the neurotransmission process of the body that can lead to acute pain. Homeopathy medicines to treat this type of pain include;

– Lycopodium

– Colchicum

– Rhus Tox

– Benzoic acid

– Ledum pal (wild rosemary)

5. Weak bones:

Our body is an amalgamation of the bones. The bones are the foundation of our body. Calcium is very important to keep our bones strong, healthy and sturdy. The body absorbs the calcium from the food we eat. But, sometimes several digestive problems make the body to retain the calcium from the food. This can lead to weak and fragile bones. This can also lead to bone breakage and severe body aches. The homeopathy medicines for weak bones and aches are;

Calcarea Phos

– Silicea

– Calcarea Carbs

– Calcarea Fluor

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