Types Of Pants and Your Body Shape




Types Of Pants And Your Body Shape have very strong chemistry. Here you’ll read the complete guide about pants & how to wear pants according to body type. Have a look at them. There are many types of pants which are very popular nowadays.

Pants are an integral part of human clothing and come in various types. These pants are available in the market. But, it doesn’t mean that they can suit your body shape. Every country has its own style of clothing but still, there are similarities. These pants are on-trend. They make you stylish and elegant when you know how to carry them.

If you are young so these pants make you stylish and classy. The style of each trouser is different which makes them unique. These pants are very comfortable and flexible.

-: Types Of Pants and Your Body Shape:-

Types Of Pants And Your Body Shape - Chart

1- Baggy pants:

Baggy pants are fitted at the waist and wider towards the knee. These pants are fabulous for taller and smart women. If you are healthy then avoid wearing baggy pants. They can make you wider. These pants are best for pear body shape.


These pants are now on-trend. They are wider from the knee and takes the shape of a bell bottom. They are suitable for young girls. These pants are best for inverted triangle women.


Tights are very common nowadays. They are skin fitted pants and made from hosiery fabrics. Again, if you are healthy then avoid them. Tights are suitable for straight and inverted triangle women.


Jeans are every season pants. They are made from a heavy material called denim. Jeans are of many types. But, you have to choose the right jeans according to body shape. Every woman loves to wear. Jeans are best for curvy body shape.


 Jumpsuits are another type of pants. These pants are suitable for young and smart girls. But, if you are healthy and short height then avoid wearing them.


Shorts are knee-length and are made for summer. Everybody can wear it, no matter if you are tall or short height. Shorts are usually worn for the outing. Shorts will give you a cool and breezy feeling.

7-Punk Pants:

These pants have lots of stitching lines. They also have many pockets which are stitched only for decoration. These pants are good for young people.

8-Jodhpuri pants:

Jodhpuri pants are on-trend. These pants are loose from the hip and tight to the knee and ankle. In the past, these pants were worn by the horse riders. Now very popular among youngsters.


Dungarees are very popular among children and as well as young girls. These are pants with a bib that covers the chest with the help of two adjustable straps.


Trousers are the most common and comfortable design of pants. This style of pants is very old but still, women love wearing them. They are suitable for all types of body shapes.

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