Ways To Improve Mental Health During Exams




Ways to improve mental health during exams. As students take a lot of stress and tension during exams which lowers their mental health. Our brain is the most important part of the body which acts as a commander. We perform many functions for which good mental health is essential for doing that task. In exams, a good memory is very important to keep things learned, so you can perform excellently exams. Parents get also worried too. But you can overcome this problem in some simple easy ways.

Best Ways To Improve Mental Health During Exams:-

Following are some ways to improve mental health during exam time. These ways will help you a lot in increasing your mental health.

♦Teaching your siblings:-

Some students think that teaching their siblings is just a waste of time and refuses to teach them. No, you are wrong. But, research has proved that if you teach your little sisters and brothers, you will actually improve your mental health.

♦Massage your scalp:-

You can keep your mind fresh and relaxed during exam time by massaging your scalp with some oil. It will help you to relieve stress and headaches. By massaging your scalp, you will have a sound sleep which, will make you learn lessons better during exams.

♦Massage the back of your neck:-

Sit on the chair calmly and put your fingers on the back of your neck as shown in the picture. Massage and press your neck gently in a downward direction. Keep your body loose and take deep breaths. Do this exercise for 3 to 5 minutes. This will make your blood flow faster in the brain and helps in relieving stress thus improving mental health.

♦Mind games:-

It is not important that games should always be played as time pass, but they can also be played during your exams to increase mental health. Games make your mind active and fast. Playing games during exam days for 15 to 20 minutes increases your mental powers. The more you will use you the more it will stay active and fast.


If you want to make yourself relaxed there is no need to go anywhere else. But, at home, you can do meditation for 5 to 10 minutes. By this, you can have consistency and a peaceful mind. It helps in getting rid of laziness and negative thoughts. It is one of the great ways to improve mental health during exams. Attention and dedication increase through meditation. It is one of the important ways to improve mental health during exam time.

♦Chew the bubblegum:-

Chewing bubblegum is the best exercise for the brain. It increases the blood flow in the brain, which helps the students to overcome difficult problems and makes it easier to learn.

♦Taking deep breaths:-

Taking deep breaths makes the flow of oxygen faster in the brain cells. It increases your memory and makes things learn faster.

♦Exercise of laughing:-

When we laugh the chemicals present in the brain cells come out. It makes us positive thinkers. Remembering some good old days and then laughing makes us stress relief.

♦Morning walk:-

Morning walk is very good for health and also one of the best ways to improve mental health during exam time. The fresh air in the morning makes you feel relaxed. When you walk barefooted on the grass and inhale the fresh air is not only good for eyesight but also excellent for your brain. Morning walking releases the stress of your brain because it provides oxygen to your brain in high quantity.

♦Moving hands and fingers:-

Maximizing the use of hands and fingers put positive effects on the brain. You must engage your left hand more to improve your mental health. Yoga experts say that it is very helpful to improve mental health.

♦Give some free time to your brain:-

After using a lot of brain you must give some gift to your brain. Giving it a break after some long, tough times will be very helpful in increasing mental health. Do engage in painting, cycling, etc.

♦Healthy diet:-

A healthy diet will be very helpful to get relief from stressful situations. Taking your meal at the right time will improve your physical and mental health. Taking green vegetables and fruits will increase your energy level and also your mental level.

So, now there is no need to worry about the exams. Following the above simple tips for improving mental health will help on your exam days a lot. Hard work is the key to success. After putting in some hard work and changing your daily routine, you can relieve your stress during exam days.


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