What Acne On Face And Body Says About Your Health




What acne on face and body says about your health. The location of acne speaks much about your health. You can read the signs simply, by imagining the body like a map and the defects like landscape. Your body is divided into various areas. The appearance of acne in a particular area is connected to various illnesses or health issues.

What Acne On Face And Body Says About Your Health?

The following is a list of the diseases caused by the placement of acne on different parts on the body and face.

Acne on Body:-

Area 1: Hormones

If you have acne on your chin and neck which is area 1, it might be an indication of tension and stress. Along it can also be the sign of adrenal gland issue with too much intake of sodas and sweets.

Area 2 & 3: High-Stress Levels

Shoulder area is area 2. If you are suffering from acne in this area, it shows that you have immunity problems on the top. Plus, you are also struggling with stress

Area 4: Your Stomach

Your area 4 is the chest area. Eating too much junk food can cause acne in this area. It is also the indication of having digestive problems. Try to eat organic food instead.

Area 5 & 6: Vitamin Insufficiency

Vitamin deficiency might be an indication if you have acne in this area. Stop taking artificial vitamin supplements. Try to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Area 7: Your Blood Sugar

The stomach is area 7. Acne in this area indicates you have been suffering from high blood sugar. Avoid refined sugar and bread in your diet. But, eat fruits and veggies instead as they contain healthy sugar in them.

Area 8: Personal Hygiene or STDs

An acne issue in this area, it might be because of poor hygiene. In the worst case, you may suffer from warts and bumps; that is symptoms of sexually transmitted disease. Immediately consult the doctor, if you feel an itching sensation

Area 9 & 10: Allergies or Dermal Problems

Acne on the hips and upper legs shows allergies to cosmetics or various types of detergents. Lower legs acne appears due to waxing or by the use of razors.

Area 11 & 12: Your Digestion or Your Nervous System

If you have acne in your upper back and lower back, it shows that you are consuming too many calories in your diet. Not getting enough sleep and mental overload also cause acne on the back.

Area 13 & 12: Your Digestion

Acne on the chest is the sign of the wrong digestive system or because of the unhealthy diet. Make some changes in your diet and you will see a big difference.

•Acne on the Face:-

The Upper Forehead

Acne on the upper forehead correlates to the digestive system and bladder. Drink plenty of water and limit the greasy food and processed sugars. Consume a large number of organic fruits and vegetables. Regular take lemon water and green tea. Be sure that you are getting a good source of probiotics, which you can get from fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, or kefir. Take a probiotic supplement, if you do not consume these foods.

The Lower Forehead

Acne on the lower forehead relates to mild heart problems. The heart is the most important part of the body that circulates blood all around the body. So, it is very important to take care of your heart. Engage yourself in cardiovascular activities. Plus, taking coconut oil and pomegranate increase the health of your heart.

Eyebrow/Eye Area

This area relates to the liver. It means that your liver has been overworked or is in need of a cleanse. Avoid fried foods, greasy foods, alcohol and dairy. Green tea, carrot, beets, lemon, limes garlic and grapefruits can assist you with the cleansing of liver.


Acne on ears reveals kidney problems. It can be because of not drinking enough water and eating too much sodium. Other factors may include deficiency of magnesium and other minerals, not getting enough sleep, consumption of too much sugar and eating too much animal protein.

Upper Cheeks

Acne and pimples on the upper cheeks might be related to the lungs and respiratory system. This often happens if you are a smoker or if you have a respiratory illness like asthma. The polluted area may also be called lung infection.

Lower Cheeks

Acne flare-ups on your lower cheeks may be the sign of gum and teeth problems. Limit refined sugar and eliminate soft drinks.

Side Of Chin

Acne in this area is the indication of hormonal imbalance. Factors that cause this include might be birth control, menstruation a diet high in soy products. Foods help to balance the hormones are liquorice, holy basil, burdock, milk thistle, red raspberry leaves, milk thistle and green tea.

Center Of The Chin

Acne on the centre of the chin can be the sign of digestive problems. This is because of a poor diet and/or food allergies such as one to gluten. Eat clean and healthy food. Also, take probiotics.

Your skin is the mirror of your health. Try looking at it and see what does it tell you about your health. Always take adequate sleep, drinking enough water, and meditating regularly. These are the keys to maintaining good mental and physical health – don’t forget!

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